Aug 30, 2015

M.Tech Informatics Awarded Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award 2015

M Tech Informatics Pvt. Ltd, a Promising Quality and affordable innovation Mobile Manufacturing Company has been honored with "Emerging Brand of the Year” in the 6th edition of Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Awards, held in Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi on August , 2015. Film Actor and National Congress Party Leader Raj Babbar and Former Education Minister, Arvinder Singh Lovely presented the award to Mr. Vivek Agarwal, Managing Director, M-Tech Informatics Pvt. Ltd

Organized by Pehchan an NGO focused on nurturing the girl child that is led by prominent media professionals, activists and policymakers, who recognized the tome as a valuable chronicle of shared. M Tech Informatics was picked among the various finalists vying for the title.

While receiving the Award, Mr. Vivek Agarwal, Managing Director ofM Tech Informatics Pvt. Ltd, said “We are pleased to be recognized for our achievements in the industry and we will keep innovating and making a difference. Following the path of Make in India, M Tech is ready to expand its roots in the market with it’s another manufacturing unit in the slopes of Himachal Pradesh. To become more self-reliant, the company is evaluating few more options and planning to have a talk with other states for expansion.”

He also added, “Rajiv Gandhi excellence award is a great initiative to honor homegrown emerging brands, which are waiting in the wings and ready for take-off. We are Next-Gen brand with the creative bite, a bold vision and a passionate determination to succeed.”

M-Tech Informatics Pvt. Ltd established in 2010 has a network of sales and service channel throughout India. M-Tech Started Operations with sales in Eastern India primarily in West Bengal and gradually expanded to other key states of India i.e. UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Punjab, Haryana, HP, Jammu, Rajasthan, Karnataka, AP, Maharashtra, MP, Gujarat. With reach of more than 20,000 retailers spread all over the country through 600+ Distribution Channels. In span of 4 years, M-Tech has turnover of INR 100 crore (FY 2014-15) and projection for the year 2020 is INR 1,000 crore.

Chief Guest, Raj Babbar, Film Actor & Indian National Congress Party Leader, presented the award to Vivek Agarwal. He said “The emerging brand of the year award is given to the most Promising brand which best represents continuous product innovation with its emerging footsteps and commitment to brand-building, Exhibiting the corporate and social responsibilities.”

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