Oct 6, 2013


Dear sir/madam, With profound respect I beg your kind attention to state that I want to give you very secret news of education scam which is destroying the backbone of our society. Sir, MANAV BHARTI UNIVERSITY, Solan is a reputed university, but it is constantly selling his mark-card for only money.

Dear Sir, till date MBU has given fake markcard apart from any admission, examination and verification. It wants only money. Through thousand of study centre they are regularly selling marksheet, but it’s very shocked to say that any candidates need to attain MBU for a single time. The candidates have to give his documents and main a lot of money only. After some week the candidates are getting original UGC approved result. An uneducated become highly educated and eligible person without any reading, writing, lessoning, wasting specified time and energy, attending one single class or university and any examination. This is Pinch-hitter University; anyone can complete any degree whether it is MTECH, LLb, MPHARM, BPHARM or MASTER degree within 2 months maximum. Hope in future MBU will give it within an hour any result.


1)   Apart from attained any class how a person can get regular degree?

2)    How a person can get all degree within 2-3 months.

3)   How there are 6000 LLB markshhet of MBU in INDIA ?

4)   How MBU can allot Bpharm, Dpharm degree ?

5)   Money is all in INDIA.

6)   Is it more than spectrum-scam?

Sir/madam, pls take serious steps against MBU. They are those germs who will destroy the education systems of india, and in this way once our backbone will be destroyed. They are the more danger than enemy of a country. They are selling back-bone of our country by allotting oneshot ( markcard within 2/3 months apart from any exam with 60-70% marks ) certificate. These all are fake. Till date there are 10000 candidates got several markcards from this MBU. All those candidates are from very poor family. They want a degree for job or promotion but apart from gather knowledge they are getting fake-quick authenticate degree from MBU. For that they have to pay 20000-150000..

My question is that if our education system is so lucid then why someone will be ready to proper education from any authenticate university ? If money is all then pls close all universities, sale it to these type of inborn criminal and once we can see our country also sold-out by them. Till date MBU has allotted near about 14600 degree, certificate. Some of them got job some not. But sir, ask any candidates about MBU they will be unable to answer. Asked any candidates regarding MBU subjects, they can’t give you any answer. They will be unable to give answer which subjects he/she has in markcard also. There are several proposals from several centres to may centre for MBU one sitting but after knowing all the owner of MBU is running his business happily and confidently. No legal action has taken against MBU and the owner MR RANA. We can inform you also these are very secret process to sale education. Give money take degree. All the work is conducted by MBU, not from his campus, its operated from other place.

*****pls note that all the duplicate degree has been operated by MBU as per instruction of MR. RANA. There are two person who are in responsibility to press and print and allotting  fake  duplicate markcard, and  collect core core money by selling Indian education   system, and these two most important  social servant are a) MANISH

       b) SAGARIKA

All the printing work, this illegal project is conducted by MR. RANA from karnal Haryana, pin code: 132114.


Today our india is pregnant with so big big scandal, corruption, scam..On this situation pls try to take stick and rough action against MBU and  those people who selling degree for his own profit. Hope you will kind enough  to take prompt action against it and punish them as soon as possible. Pls hope you will forgive me to email you as I am to save education and faith and kill corruption. Pls I do hope you will not try to search or identify me. I will give you more information in future. Pls use your intelligence bureau  to  arrest and  close  these type  fake university.

Thanking you,



  1. Its not true ....I am a student of mbu and all the students are doing hard work for completing their courses...all the documents given by mbu is 100% assured.

  2. it's not true , MBU is gaining lot of reputation and amongst top private universities in himachal.pradesh ,
    due to its good successive years , few people are jealous and full of personal mallice,
    I request people to totally ignore such rumours ,