Oct 4, 2013

Nation wide signature campaign for early enactment of Communal Riot Bill begin at Kairana

Press Release

      Khudai Khidmatgar with other civil society organisation inaugurated nation wide signature campaign to demand early enactment of communal riot prevention act to protect the rights of Minorities and the targeted groups in the nation.

     We all aware that the recent violence that happened in Muzaffar Nagar is not the only violence that happened for the past nine months in the year 2013, It is reportedly 4th violence in Uttar Pradesh in this same year, apart from that various communal violence or initiative to promote riots widely going on in the state like Bihar, Haryana, Assam, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, we believe that these violence are not the attack only on Muslim community instead we consider this is the attack on Humanity and Nations Sovereignty because Minorities including (Muslims, Christians) and other targeted groups are continuously facing the great losses on these forms of riots.

     Khudai Khidmatgar Leader Faisal Khan while inaugurating the Campaign said that, “We need peace and unity in the Nation since we believe in the ideology of Non Violence, at N.A Convent School ,  KAIRANA said that we will promote the idea throughout the country at any cost, Violation by the name of Religion, Caste, sections should be thrown out from the society and we want to see our nation as a developed one and not in a diseased manner. If we fight among ourselves it will decrease the value of our Country and affects the development”.

     Khudai Khidmatgar Ulema Wing Convenor Fateh Mohd and other members of Khudai Khidmatgar Qamar intekhab, Dr.Faraz Badar, Hammad siddiqui, Khawar Raheel Siddiqui Sanjay Chauhan, Zulfiqar, Dr Parwez, Akram Chaudhry,  Sadik Chaudhary( Afkar India Foundation), Poonam Mittal, Mohd. Azim formed a team to get signature from the various relief camps and write post cards to The Prime Minister requesting him to pass the Communal violence bill.

     Being Gandhiji’s Birthday October 2nd celebrated as ‘International Day of Non-violence’. Prevention of violence also amounts to furtherance of non-violence. Around 1000 victims form various camps near Kairana ( Malakpur, Sunethii) will deliver 1000 letters to P.M  office. To garner support for the early enactment of Communal Riot Prevention Act, Khudai Khidmatgar  along with other pro-people organizations is organising a 15-day campaign from 2nd October to 17th October, on 2nd October, we will start this campaign from, Kairana, Malakpura camp, where thousands of people are living in camps due to recent communal violence, the first signature by the victims who lost his six family members in the recent riot on the same day the campaign will held in 50 places in various parts of the Country till 17th October at Kanniya Kumari, Tamil Nadu. The petition will then be submitted to various constitutional authorities and political parties, to take necessary action for implementing the act.

On these fifteen days of the Signature Campaign the team in various places will involve in activities like,

1.      Getting maximum number of signatures.
2.      Writing maximum number of post cards to The Prime Minister of Our Country.
3.      Distributing Pamphlets that carries the message about need of Communal Violence Bill.
4.      Organising discussions and street corner awareness meetings.
5.     Holding discussions with Representatives of Political parties and Social Activists regarding the communal violence bill.
 Contact: 9911292235, 9968828230, 9990505438

Faisal khan
National Allaince of People'Movement
Asha Parivar

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