Oct 6, 2013

Why should we tolerate politicians like Lalu and Masood?

Dear fellow Indian. You might have seen the recent polls in Delhi - 47% want to give the
Aam Aadmi party a chance. You might have read the news report about
how AAP's Delhi campaign has turned the heat on both the Congress and
the BJP. These are just two instances of many positive reports about
AAP's prospects in Delhi.

Friends, its been less than a year since AAP was formed. No one gave
AAP a chance when we started. Yet, the tides have changed. The media
calls the Delhi election a three-way race between AAP, BJP and
Congress. We would not have come this far without the unstinted
efforts of scores of volunteers and supporters of AAP from India and
around the world.

We have declared 45 candidates and about 15 are in the shortlist
stage. For the first time in Indian politics we have an open and
transparent candidate selection process. We are doing our best going
door-to-door as well as addressing rallies to spread AAP's message. We
have over 50,000 prabharis and over 10,000 active volunteers in Delhi
coming from all over the country. But we need all the help we can get.

You can pledge your vote or sign up to support AAP in kind.

Lastly, please donate generously to AAP and get more of your friends
to become donors today!

Jai Hind!
awadhesh kumar Maurya

Team AAP

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