Oct 4, 2013

Five national myths and the reality

1.  India is a poor nation! White Lie!

Fact: India is the most powerful and richest nation in the world!

This is a very big truth that people of most of the developed countries are weak but their leadership or law is very strong. Here, the people of the nation are strong but the leadership is cowardly, timid and corrupt and the law is weak. The total budget of local authorities, state governments and central government of India is Rs 20 lakh crore.

And this Rs 20 lakh crore budget is there when corruption is in its peak everywhere in the nation. If corruption did not exist, the total budget of India could be Rs 35-40 lakh crore. You think, you decide, can the budget of a poor nation be so huge? The corrupt and dishonest people of the nation are intentionally portraying the nation poor.

If the corruption, then not even one person in the country will remain unemployed or poor. People are kept unemployed, poor and illiterate as a conspiracy. This enables the corrupt administrators rule over the poor, unemployed, illiterate and insecure people according to their whims and run an autocracy in the name of democracy.

2.  Only about 5% of India’s people pay tax! White Lie!

Fact: Almost 100% people pay tax in India!

Every Indian who puts on two garments to cover his body and uses 1-2 bars of soap in the year or wears shoes or sandals or goes to shops or the market and buys daily essential goods such as flour, salt, toothpaste, oil, spices, paper, pen, iron, cement, etc., pays duty in the form of VAT or excise on all these items.

Even a common man definitely pays tax in one way or the other such as stamp duty, water tax, house tax, sewage tax, road tax, service tax, sale tax, etc. Thus, isn’t this a white lie that only 5% people pay tax! This myths and false rumours are spread in a conspiracy so that if some corrupt and dishonest people rob the nation, then no voice is raised, so that when someone asks for an account of the tax money paid by these corrupt people, they are able to say, ‘You do not even pay tax. Who are you to ask?’

This myth has been so deeply embedded in the hearts of the common people that they feel they do not have any contribution at all in the nation’s progress. While the truth is that each Indian has the right to ask the various systems of the nation, the authority of the nation, about the collected by the government through various taxes, money of the money that they have contributed for the progress of the nation. They have the right to ask, ‘What has happened to that money?’

3.  All people are dishonest! The biggest conspiracy.

Fact: In India, 99% of the common people are honest, or they want to live with honesty!

This kind of lie that everyone is dishonest is spread because the illusion that everyone is dishonest becomes deeply engraved in the mind of a patriotic, honest person with character. Whereas the reality is that 99% of common Indians are honest or want to live with honesty while 99% of the representatives of the nation, that is almost 99% of the politicians, MPs, MLAs were dishonest.

In order to hide their own dishonesty, these 99% corrupt and dishonest people have carried out this very big conspiracy by calling the 99% honest citizens of the nation dishonest and liars. The day these 99% sensitive, aware, patriotic and honest people unite together, these 1% dishonest people will be destroyed. And India will be called a nation of honest people, not dishonest people.

4.  Corruption can never be removed, only corruption will rule the nation! Deep conspiracy!

Resolution: Only honest, patriotic people will govern the nation!

Only corrupt people will govern the nation. Even this lie is being told like a conspiracy with which honest, patriotic people are never able to come into authority and one corrupt person after the other sit in authority and mercilessly loot the nation. There are also honest, patriotic, educated and responsible people with character who are capable of excellently governing the nation without corruption.

A simple question arises in everyone’s minds – is it possible for good people with character to get together? Can patriots be given votes keeping patriotism above everything else? Can’t honest people become MPS, MLAs? The direct, complete and simple answer to this is there are patriotic people with character who are capable of leading the nation but the patriotic, honest people who would vote for them and bring them into power are not organized.

Our aim is to organize these patriotic people and by organizing them to bring patriotic, honest, sensitive, sincere people with character to the seat of authority. By organizing patriotic people, I will unveil the truth behind the myth that only corrupt people can rule over the nation. My resolution is that henceforth only patriotic people will govern the nation.

5.  The nation’s progress and employment is not possible without foreign investment! Utter falsehood.

Fact: If resources are 100% utilized then our nation will progress and there will not be any unemployment!

This is also a projected lie in order to rob the nation and a conspiracy that without foreign investment our country will not progress. The truth is if the wealth of the nation is not destroyed by corruption is big enough to ensure that not even one person of the nation need not be hungry, poor or unemployed.

If the wealth is not deposited in the hands of the dishonest people, and is invested in solid business and progress then there will be so much wealth coming into the  nation that we will reach the status of being able to loan out money to other nations with interest. India will then be able to stand with pride as the biggest economic power in the world.

Today the reality is that about Rs 70 lakh crores, money that has been stolen by some corrupt people, is deposited in foreign banks. And the corruption by the corrupt people continues. Reality is not that this country won’t be able to progress without foreign direct investment (FDI); truth is the day we bring back our stolen money from foreign banks, that day the world will not run. The world is running by our money stolen by corrupt, dishonest people. At the very least, the economic source of powerful nations like Switzerland comes from the corruption in our country.


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