Jul 9, 2015

India’s Youngest Kidney Transplant at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Delhi NCR, 9th July 2015- Reflecting its commitment to saving and enriching lives beyond boundaries, the team of Nephro and Kidney transplant experts at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences performed India’s first youngest Kidney transplant on a three year old boy Muslim Ahmed from Iraq. Team Led by Dr. Vijay Laxmi, Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Director Kidney Transplant, Dr. Vipin Gupta, Urologist and Dr. Divesh Arora and entire Anaesthesia team not just gave him a new lease of life, but also showing a ray of hope to many more children suffering from end stage Kidney disease.

Child Muslim Ahmad was on Haemodylysis in Iraq before he was admitted in Asian Hospital in the month of Jan 2015 with sudden Kidney failure,  he was kept on kidney dialysis for 4 months According to Dr. Vijay Laxmi, Transplant Surgeon at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences said “Child Muslim Ahmad of Iraq was found to have kidney failure at a young age of 3 years, normally such children are put on peritoneal dialysis till they grow in size to receive a kidney transplant .But peritoneal dialysis  is not available in Iraq and due to very small size the child was not able to tolerate the other alternative "Haemodylysis "When this child was admitted in Asian Hospital, the biggest challenge in this case was to provide a sort of permanent solution. As the child was very small, usually kidney transplant in such small children is very challenging and avoided. Due to narrow size of the blood vessels anastomoses of new kidney is very difficult. Such kidneys are prone to get clotted. Stress of surgery is also challenging for a small kid with kidney failure.  However, due to non availability of any suitable treatment at Iraq the choice was actually between death and transplant. Our team at Asian hospital accepted this challenge and transplanted his grandfather's kidney in this child on 22nd May 2015.”

Director Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Dept. Dr. Jitendra Kumar Said “As expected the post operative course was very turbulent with child developing stress cardiomyopathy requiring prolonged ventilatory support. Now child has successfully completed more than a month of transplant, & he is the youngest transplant recipient in India. His recovery and grateful eyes of his family is the greatest reward for the team at Asian hospital which comes up with another milestone in the healthcare.”

Padamshri Dr. N K. Pandey, Chairman & Managing Director, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences  Said “We often treat international patients but in this case due to the age of the patient doctors were afraid to operate and patient was in hospital for 6 months but now we are happy that child is fine and ready to move back to his country”.

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