Jul 12, 2015

Striking nurses continue their strike for the 7th day.

Nurses working at the Patel Chest Institute who have been on strike since the past 6 days continued their strike today. The nurses under the banner of Delhi Nurses Union have been on strike demanding that the benefits as per the recommendations of the Sixth pay commission be given to them alongwith the Bonus and other benefits. Inspite of the pressure from the authorities the permanent nurses on strike have decided not to give in to the pressure. 

Delhi State Government Hospital Contract Workers union extended support on behalf of the contract workers employed in other government hospitals of Delhi. Shivani of union said that the nurses are not alone in this fight and their demands are also the demands of the workers employed in Government Hospitals elsewhere in Delhi. The number of patients in Government Hospitals outnumber the amount of facilities available which puts a huge amount of pressure on the nurses to provide patient care. Inspite of working in shifts of long hours the nurses are not given proper benefits. The workers of Delhi State Government Contract Workers Union stand in solidarity with the nurses.

Delhi State Government Contract workers Union

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