Dec 2, 2013

Help required to lodge a FIR Against IBM Pvt Ltd

Hi, For around last 4 month i am trying to lodge FIR against a big institution and some of its employee.But police is not lodging the FIR.Whereas i have given documentary evidence of cognizable and heinous crime.As per supreme court ruling FIR should be lodged on immediate basis.

Here is my effort detail
1- I was called to DSP HQ Kaithal(Haryana) more than 30 times.Even twice/thrice a day.People over there make me sit idle but never asked for more detail.Even they tried to write my statement in their own word.They even told me i can go anywhere case will come to them only and they will write its not police case.Same thing they did.

2- I went to meet DSP Kaithal around 15 times.Sometime i came back as he was busy with other activity and around 4-8 time i met him.

3- I met to SP kaithal 6-8 times.Even i met him with other people of my town that include some prominent people.But in vain.

4- I dropped multiple mails to SP office kaithal,DSP office kaithal and DGP office as well.Even i am writhing to CM office and Governor office but no reply is coming.

5- I personally went to DGP office chandigarh 2-3 times.I personally gave my complain to him and he told me that he will look into this case.I am waiting for update on this.

6- I lodged multiple grievances with different authorities.Whose detail i am mentioning below.
A.President Office - PRSEC/E/2013/19370
B.Wrote to PM Office twice.
C.CM Office -CMOFF/E/2013/00989
D.DGP Office - DRGPO/E/2013/00290
E.Department of Social Justice - DRSJE/E/2013/00018
F.Even i wrote to state vigilance - DRSVB/E/2013/00031 (Final Decision -not related to them)

What ever i told above are just milestones.I have already been victimized and harassed to limit by IBM.And all these things are adding to it.

Its my humble request to help me in this regard.


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