Aug 5, 2014

SSP Lucknow Office: Declined to receive letter after reading it

Nutan Tsunami Thakur :  Yesterday 04 August 2014, when I presented two sealed envelopes before the confidential office of SSP Lucknow at Sapru Marg, the policeman present there opened the seal, went through the letters and returned them back when he found them to be complaints against policemen.

I was shocked to read the said article which is wrong on facts as well as law : Dina Nath Batra


The Editior,

Times of India,



I have read the Editorial written by you in your newspaper, The Times of India dated 2/08/2014. I was shocked to read the said article which is wrong on facts as well as law. The said article is defamatory, derogatory, insulting and paints me in bad light. The taunting and sarcastic tone and tenor of the said article is writ large on the face of it. The entire article attributes many things to me which in fact I have not written.

arrogance of bosses and colleagues only spoils the environment, creates resentment, tensions

Jagdish Singh : In one of the offices, I have worked, I suggested to my boss, to devise and distribute forms, in which subordinates will give us their views about seniors. He disagreed totally, saying that govt. doesn't require us to do that. On being told that this will b only internal and will give us a chance of self appraisal and self improvement. He replied, he can anticipate that he himself will be called arrogant and uncivil. On being asked, then why he doesn't try to mend his ways, he said it brings respect and discipline.