Nov 16, 2015

AK Mishra’s Art of Success Introduces Body and Soul Transformation Yoga

Gurgaon, November’ 2015: AK Mishra’s Art of Success is introducing soul and body transformational yoga courses to calm and rejuvenate your nerves while bringing harmony in your everyday life. The transformational yoga aims to help you develop emotional balance, better physical health, mental and spiritual clarity through different forms of yoga/asanas. Their well enhanced yoga trainings help practitioners enhance overall flexibility, fitness, stamina and capacity through balancing the inner self. Transformational yoga helps the practitioners to relax, clean the inner soul and awaken all seven chakras through pranayama, mantras and yogasana.

This course will help the practitioners build stamina to fight with disease, body flexibility, clean the impurities in 5 Prana bodies, higher level of chakra awakening techniques, etc. Chanting, meditation, relaxation techniques, breath balancing techniques, controlling the negative energies in body technique will also be covered using various yoga forms.

Each course is carefully designed to cater an individual needs, AK Mishra’s Art of Success through the body and soul transformational yoga aims to incorporate these basic relaxation and chakra awakening techniques in each forms of yoga.

Speaking about the course Mr. A.K Mishra says, “Power to think is the greatest power that human beings have. This is the power that makes one looser or achiever depending on its direction of being negative or positive. Having faith in self is an intense positive thinking and talking to one own self is a great opportunity to discover the best of you. Therefore, be a navigator of your own thinking and be ready for all wonders in your life.”

Success Guru AK Mishra also Says, “Transformational yoga is to calm your mind, relax your body and make yourself open to receive the purification for your soul universe grants you every day, moreover to awaken and balance all seven chakras of your body. Our transformational yoga is not bound with any age group. Our transformational yoga is for all, be it children, parents, corporations, youngsters, and also specifically focuses on curing serious issues such as lack of concentration, negative thoughts and so forth.” AK Mishra’s Art of Success has specifically designed his courses keeping in mind the various states human beings go through.

For Teenagers: it helps practioners build emotional stability, moreover positive, focused and peaceful state of mind which in turns helps teenagers develop a good surrounding and company.

For Parents: it helps develop a calmer state of mind for parents to handle their day to day stress and form a friendly atmosphere for kids at home.

For Professionals: It helps practioners develop a healthy work life balance and boost their productivity level through channelizing their energy.

For Relationships: It helps practioners develop positive relations with their own selves, which flows and reflects in their personality and helps them form healthy relationships.

For Aspirers: It helps practioners realize their inner potential, improves concentration through meditation techniques, and makes them more focused and positive towards achieving their goal.

About Art of Success:

Indomitable will power, never say die attitude and belief in his mission are the hallmark of AK Mishra, the founder and director of Chanakya IAS Academy, for more than 2 decades he has inspiring youth with his motivational lectures, and he is fondly known as Success Guru Arun Kumar Mishra has been passionately pursuing the ‘Art of Success’ to bring revolutionary transformation in human behavior. His tried and tested approach towards leading a successful life, where one lives on one’s terms and conditions and not driven by circumstances has inspired many over the years.

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