Nov 9, 2015


From: Mani Ram Sharma                


Nakul Niwas, Behind Roadways Depot

Sardarshahar- 331 403-7District Churu (Raj)

  Cell: 919460605417,919001025852

                    Dated: 6th Nov, 2015

The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India,

Supreme  Court of India ,

New Delhi



Your kind Honour is well aware that character and antecedents of an aspirant are verified by police before joining public service even to the post of a peon. A similar process is being adopted in respect of Appointment of High Court Judges in India.  The local police generally function under the influence of bankrupt politics of Country and the darker side remains buried in case of appointment of High Court Judges. In many cases it has been transpired out later that some tainted persons intruded the pious judicial job which should otherwise remain pure and undisputed for the good of democracy.  Mr. Ramaswamy, Mr. Saumitra Sen, Mr. Ramanna etc. are men of the series where the blemished character of the beneficiaries was concealed by vested interests. Supreme Court of India says, “To qualify for PROMOTION, the least that is expected of an employee is to have an unblemished record. That is the minimum expected to ensure a clean  and efficient administration and to protect the public interests. (UNION OF INDIA ETC. ETC. Vs. K.V. JANKIRAMAN ETC. ETC.1991 AIR  SC 2010)

The web media ( ) is full of the black stories of Indian Judges now. A man of ordinary prudence may guess that hardly 10% Indian Judges may possess the requisite level of integrity and less than 1% citizens might be having faith in the present Indian Judicial system. No one under cloud may hold these Constitutional Posts otherwise the whole system will be rotted. The system of conducting written test for appointment be also considered as recommended by Rajya Sabha in 44 Report-“The selection procedure for becoming the judge of High Court must be changed and the selection may take place from all Bars and by promotions by a competitive examination organized by Supreme Court and BCI jointly.”

The process of appointment of Judges in USA (IDAHO STATE) is very transparent, and aspirant candidates have to pass through a very tough test. Notice is also given to the general public inviting them to comment on the applications as well. The results of the survey are compiled and are used by the members of the Judicial Council when they interview the candidates. (

Therefore it is once again prayed that

i)             Character and antecedents of the candidates for HC/SC Judges posts be got verified from CBI and

ii)           Prior Public Notice be given regarding details of candidates for HC/SC Judges posts

Not only I but the Republic of India is looking towards you to know the action taken in the matter.

With regards,
Sincerely yours
Mani Ram Sharma            

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