Aug 5, 2014

I was shocked to read the said article which is wrong on facts as well as law : Dina Nath Batra


The Editior,

Times of India,



I have read the Editorial written by you in your newspaper, The Times of India dated 2/08/2014. I was shocked to read the said article which is wrong on facts as well as law. The said article is defamatory, derogatory, insulting and paints me in bad light. The taunting and sarcastic tone and tenor of the said article is writ large on the face of it. The entire article attributes many things to me which in fact I have not written.

The said article talks about various instances mentioned in a book which as a matter of fact has not been written by me. The entire article is based on certain reference from a book which has not been written by me. The factual inaccuracies are not only restricted to the book wrongly attributed to have been written by me. The fact of the matter is that the books which have been written by me form supplementary readings. They do not from part of compulsory reading. No examination is conducted from these books. There is no classroom teaching from these books. No homework is given from these books. These are only reference books. Hence they do not form compulsory reading. Further, your editorial is absolutely wrong on law. I have not been the leading light in blacking out Wendy Doniger’s Book on Hinduism. But the Penguin Publishers withdrew that book and gave a statement to this effect in the Hon’ble Court of Law leading to a consent decree being passed in this regard.

The factually and legally wrong editorial which is defamatory in nature and portrays me in a bad and dangerous light needs to be withdrawn immediately.

An apology on the front page prominently published proportionate to the size of the editorial be published within 7 days in your newspaper. Needless to say that I reserve my right to initiate Civil & Criminal

proceedings against you in the appropriate Court of Law.

In the service of the Motherland

( Dina Nath Batra )
National Convenor

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