Aug 5, 2014

arrogance of bosses and colleagues only spoils the environment, creates resentment, tensions

Jagdish Singh : In one of the offices, I have worked, I suggested to my boss, to devise and distribute forms, in which subordinates will give us their views about seniors. He disagreed totally, saying that govt. doesn't require us to do that. On being told that this will b only internal and will give us a chance of self appraisal and self improvement. He replied, he can anticipate that he himself will be called arrogant and uncivil. On being asked, then why he doesn't try to mend his ways, he said it brings respect and discipline.

I reminded him of the insult caused by his own P.S, just a few days back to him and told him that arrogance of bosses and colleagues only spoils the environment, creates resentment, tensions etc. In fact arrogance arises from uncivil and crude nature of the person concerned, mostly if he or she feels insecure and is lacking in self confidence and in many cases because of upbringing in improper family environment. It kills creativity, keeps every body tense and unhappy and reduces productivity. It has adverse effect on physical and mental health of all, including the superiors. It disturbs the harmony and goodwill in office and if carried home, it can destroy the atmosphere there too. It can spoil the relationships amongst family members, leaving everybody tense and unhappy. It will spoil hormonal balance of all, affecting their mental and physical health. He agreed to my point of view, promising to improve himself but forms were never devised or distributed.

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    Pankaj Kumar Jha "Forms Distribution" was your own idea or u had seen somewhere??? Anyway it's innovative idea which should be applicable in modern management and leadership scenario..........I agree with you Sir

    Jagdish Singh I had learnt it from the practices in private American corporates.
    Pankaj Kumar Jha Gr8 sir. keep sharing. we need your immense and intense experiences...........especially for me it's more valuable b'cause after 16 yrs of service in Govt sector, i got opportunity with the grace of God to lead as an Officer...

    Ekta Singh Most Corporates now have 360 degree appraisal where one appraised by boss, colleagues and subordinates. It pretty cool actually!

    Gaurav K Tiiwari Its there in Pvt jobs also .... people are scared of feedbacks ... I really dont understand why people take feedback in negative sense...
    Lalit Sood Today, the work culture has changed even in India. The boss has to behave like a friend with his sub-ordinates. Ek shair, jo aap Boss ko suna deejay ga, bhaijaan, " TU BHI BADAL FALAQ, K ZAMAANA BADAL GAYA."

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