Feb 4, 2016

Make Your Valentine’s Day RUMantic With These Luscious Drinks

By Deep Malhotra
Chairman & Managing Director
The Oasis Group

Every day is a day of love and revelry for the couples, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the exuberance of the lovers surpasses all.  It is the day when the couples seek out ways to convey their hidden feeling of adoration, a day which is marked in history to celebrate in the name of lovers.  It is the season when love is in the air and when couples, young or old, exchange gifts as an expression of their true feelings. This Valentine’s Day, those who fall head over heels in love, charm the senses of their beloved with delicious and refreshing rum cocktails. These luscious drinks will bring romance in your life and make your V-Day memorable.

Rum Runner

Delight your dear one with this colourful cocktail made up of rum and fruit juice. Garnished with orange or lemon slice, this is an ultimate umbrella drink. Place a handful of ice cubes in a Rum Runner filled Hurricane glass and savour the smooth, sweet and fruity taste of this cocktail.

Cranberry Kiss

What is more romantic than relishing a cocktail having ‘Kiss’ in its name? The Cranberry Kiss is a bright red-coloured cocktail drink that has just the right amount of sweetness. If you are rendezvousing on a romantic island with your partner, having this cocktail made of lime, cranberry juice and rum, and garnished with lemon will make the day certainly unforgettable.


Originally known as Daiquiri, it is a white rum drink made with light rum, lime juice and pomegranate or any other simple syrup. There is hardly anyone who does not like to have this delectable cocktail drink. The sweet taste of this drink is sure to please your partner. Adorned with lemon wedge, this should be shaken and strained directly into a chilled cocktail glass.

Planter’s Punch

A traditional Caribbean cocktail, Planter’s Punch is one of the most popular cocktail rum drinks. Though there are a large number of Planter’s Punch recipes available, the most desirable comes out of the concoction of dark rum, sugar, Grenadine syrup and lemon juice or other juices such as orange and pineapple.


Firstly, created in the 1940s, Hurricane is a fabulous boozy rum-based brew that will surely impress your partner. The fruity sweetness of orange compliments the dark rum and citrus taste of squeezed lemon juice. Shake it with ice and garnish with an orange half-wheel before serving it to your loved one.


The Mojito is a crispy and refreshing cocktail drink that is formed by adding mint leaves and sugar to-infused white rum and lime juice. The blend is then muddled in a shaker and filled with ice. A tempting Mojito served in a highball glass with a mint sprig garnish is ideal to add some sparkle in your relationship.


This is a romantically smooth cocktail drink where the ingredients like coconut rum, Angostura bitters and pineapple juice are layered in chilled cocktail glass. This brings together a striking concoction and sweet flavour that will amaze your partner.

Pina Colada

If you are planning an elegant Valentine evening and you need a classy cocktail, Pina Colada will be a perfect choice. This is a sweet cocktail made with frozen pineapple juice, coconut cream or coconut milk. Properly shaken with ice and decorated with pineapple slices or a maraschino cherry, or both, this is the most sumptuous cocktail that your partner will definitely enjoy.

Dark 'N Stormy

The national drink of Bermuda, Dark 'N Stormy is a cult classic cocktail for lovers that will fill their day adventure and romance. It is a simple mixture of dark rum, ginger beer and fresh lime. Served over ice and beautified with a slice of lime, this is a highly refreshing and extremely tasty cocktail drink.

Blue Hawaii

You'll feel like you're sitting with your beloved on the beach, when you drink this extremely delicious Blue Hawaii cocktail. This tropical drink has a flavour of rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut cream and Blue Curacao liqueur.

Flaming Volcano

Ignite your love life with a tropical cocktail made of pineapple juice, almond syrup, rum, brandy and other ingredients. Shake all ingredients together in a shaker with ice, pour it into a glass and express your heartfelt commitment to your partner by serving it.

Mai Tai
Confess your love to the special one of your life with one of the most celebrated cocktail drinks. Highly praised for its rich taste, Mai Tai is a miraculous cocktail formed with the amalgamation of lime juice, rum, and Curaçao liqueur. Shake with ice and strain it into a highball glass with a pineapple or lime peel garnish.

About Deep Malhotra - CMD, Oasis Group

Mr. Deep Malhotra is the CMD of the Oasis Group. Founded by Shri Omprakash Malhotra, the Oasis Group is going to achieve 30 years of business excellence in 2017. It is the foresight and vision of Mr. Deep Malhotra that the organization is one of the premier liquor makers in India and company's hotel business is flourishing speedily day by day. The present Chief Managing Director of the organisation, Mr. Deep Malhotra is the second generation entrepreneur, his unflinching passion for business and entrepreneurship is a kind of heirloom for this ardent and vivacious business leader that is passed to him from his father Shri. Omprakash Malhotra, who is always a great source of inspiration to this business baron who hails from Punjab.

Mr. Deep Malhotra carries with him a rich experience that is coupled with a sharp intellect and profound business acumen. He is heading a prolific team of technocrats, Finance experts and management professionals, and as a leader Mr. Malhotra is quite phenomenal in capitalizing the experience and qualifications of each team member. He is instrumental and rational in utilizing all the available resources to garner best Return on Investment (ROI). All the employees love to imitate his actions and his decisions have been proved beneficial for both organisation and the employees. Senior managers love to cue him even in his absence and they regard him as a true mentor and motivator.

It is the sheer leadership of Mr. Deep Malhotra that Oasis Group's brilliant performance is never eclipsed by any recession or tough market competition. Despite a great rush of foreign brands in the domestic market, Oasis still enjoys a niche position. Today, the group has a wide distribution network across the nation and its hotels & resorts division is also touching new heights of success. At present the group owns five distilleries, four bottling units and two hotels.

Mr. Deep Malhotra is not just an extraordinary entrepreneur, his charisma, honest approach and down-to-earth philosophy helped him to find a unique place in the hearts of Faridkot's people, who elected him as their MLA. In spite of his busy schedules, he always devotes time to address the problems of the masses in his constituency and he never skips a chance to participate in the various social campaigns organized by Akali Dal or other social welfare organizations.

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