Sep 17, 2015

Anuja Kapur founder of NIRBHIYA EK SHAKTI spent an emotional day with acid attack survivors

Delhi, 16th September 2015 (Kulbir Singh Kalsi):- Acid attacks still a burning issue in India. In India,  Acid attack is considered to be very common and most convenient form of castigation for women. These attacks are increasing every year which is also disheartning. Campaign for acid attacks and many more  programmes can be the reason for  increament in these cases, as people are getting aware by these campaigns and thus lodging complaints of the attacks which did not happend previously. The acid attack survivors are the real fighters as they face many problems in their life after these henious act in which they are not responsible for anything. After the guide lines of the supreme court post Delhi gang rape case police is taking serious actions against the accused like they do in the cases of rape.

 For the acid attack survivors many campaigns are running in the counrty to help out the victims. One of the initiative was taken by an organisation who runs a cfe named as “SHEROES CAFE” which helps acid attack survivor to live their life properly as they were living before the accident. Sheroes is a hangout cafe in Agra, Uttar Pradesh where some acid attack survivor handling the cafe with the help of some nice human being who believes in humanity more than anything. The life of these survivors is getting back on the track through this inintiative. To know more about these real survivors of the life famous social activist and proprietor of N.G.O named as“NIRBHIYA EK SHAKTI” Mrs. Anuja Kapur visited the Sheroes cafe and she interacted with all the survivors and spent a whole day with them and share their pain and grief and also promised them that she will be always there to help all the acid attack survivor as much as she can.

Mrs. Kapur visited Agra based sheroes hangout cafe to know the life of these survivors after the accident and listen to their stories. Mrs kapur share her visit’s experience and said that these survivors are the real fighters who are fighting daily to survive, she further said that these survivors gives her courage and motivation to do something for these people . Mrs. Kapur visited the sheroes cafe to help these victims more in their life as her N.G.O works for the acid attack survivors and also provide the victim assistance in the cases. She said with tears in her eyes she said that,” it was a motivational day spent with all the survivors and she and her N.G.O will keep on providing victim assistance to them.

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