Sep 23, 2015

condemn the draconian and oppressive UGC guidelines on Safety of Students on and off Campuses in institutes of Higher education

New Delhi | Disha Student Organization today organized a protest demonstration at Arts faculty, North Campus in University of Delhi condemning the draconian and oppressive UGC guidelines on the safety of students on and off campuses in institutes of Higher education. Simran from Disha Student Organization said that even a cursory view at the April 2015 UGC GUIDELINES ON SAFETY OF STUDENTS ON AND OFF CAMPUSES OF HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS reveals what an oppressive draconian fatwa it is against the students and youth. Campuses and University which are supposed to be the centre of free thought, critical thinking are being reduced to factory of turning the students into future conformist citizens incapable of having their own opinions.

The guidelines are nothing but the installation of a big brother watching your every move. The protesting students said that the guidelines in the garb of reform for ensuring the safety of students in reality are policies that will turn the university campuses into a concentration camp where free critical thinking will be curbed at the behest of the dictatorial authorities and government. Avinash from Disha Student organization said that students, Teachers, intellectuals and every conscientious citizen should support the students in this fight against the draconian guidelines as only then can the true essence of democracy can be upheld. These recommendations are an assault on the right to privacy.

There is a widespread unrest in the student body regarding the UGC guidelines as these give mandate for excessive militarization of the campus allows for setting up of Police posts in the campus. The students however argue that since a long time the increased police presence has led to restriction of the use of open spaces in campuses even to hold a dicussion circle or a music concert. The students are harassed by the security guards and police if they try to access the open spaces. But the formalization of the guidelines will give more power to the Moral policing on the campus.The cultural Unit of Disha Student organization performed various revolutionary songs at the protest demonstration. Students from Various colleges participated in the protest demonstration.

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