Nov 29, 2013

Don’t give scope to anarchy (Letter to PM)



The Honorable Prime Minister,                                                               

Government of India,

New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Today your GOM is finalizing the modalities to divide A.P. Do you expect that it is having the capacity to do honest and impartial job except to carry the orders of party boss who has no interest apart from thrusting whimsical ideas on the people even at the cost of unity of the country.
It seems for you also to please your party boss is more important than the unity of the country.

Though you know better than us that National interest is above all other interests, we are not able to understand why you are sticking to chair when you are not able to protect it?

We know that you are known as a decent person. Then why do you care for blackmailers?  

Sir, please be bold to do good to the people and not initiate steps for anarchy to take place in the country as long as you are P.M. and not go by advises of sycophants of your party boss.

Please don’t waste time thinking how to disturb lives of peaceful living people to satisfy one individual’s ego. Don’t think of options to implement that person’s whimsical ideas. Also don’t develop any animosity against any one region of the country as no one will be there forever.

Can anyone trust a turn coat who is your cabinet minister of the state from the beginning and silent till recently and now posing as is if he is the only intellectual who can give solutions?

We once again request you not to create everlasting hostility among Telugu people by dividing the existing state. Also by division of A.P. homogeneous tribal groups living harmoniously will be divided to fight among themselves like others for the area of jurisdiction etc.

By now you might have realized the problems like border disputes, water sharing etc. which may arise in A.P.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

J.V. Ramana Reddy,

S R Sankaran Grama Chaitanya Kendram,

Kommaneturu colony, Gudur Mandal,

Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh – 524 406

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