Nov 29, 2013

JNPT undertakes beautification of Gateway of India under CSR

Mumbai, Nov 29, 2013: After Shri G.K.Vasan took charge as the Minister of Shipping, it was felt that the ports and other public sector undertakings under the Ministry should give back a part of their profits to the society. Accordingly the decision was taken that a portion of their profits be earmarked for undertaking activities under corporate social responsibility.

Detailed guidelines were issued to enable the Ports to take up CSR activities. Shri G.K.Vasan, Minister of Shipping is very happy that most of the Ports have responded very positively and JNPT under the supervision of Shri Milind Deora has been one of the most active ports in this aspect.
Today, JNPT launched various projects to aid various sections of the society like senior citizens, youth, students and tourists.

A Boat Cruise has been launched for senior citizens to enjoy quality leisure time. Shri G.K. Vasan, expressed his pleasure for this initiative, as this would definitely bring cheer and smiles on the faces of the senior citizens. Though this initiative is initially for six months, he urged JNPT to continue this initiative even beyond that. The maiden ferry was flagged off by Shri G.K. Vasan, Hon’ble Minister of Shipping and Shri Milind Deora, Hon’ble Minister of State for Shipping, Communications and IT today

Hitherto, ports have generally been inaccessible to common people. Shri G.K.Vasan, has been continuously pursuing with the port trusts to make the ports more accessible to the common people so that they can understand the importance of the ports in the economic development of the country. In the first phase, JNPT has decided to invite school students to visit the port, of course, without compromising the operations and security of the port. JNPT is the first port under the active follow up by Shri Milind Deora, Minister of State, Shipping. Schools from various parts of Mumbai would be covered, where they would be explained the current facilities, systems and procedures of the biggest container port of India and the significance of port in Export-Import trade.

Today’s generation is very much aware of the significance of good health and fitness. JNPT would be setting up Gymnasiums in various parts especially for the youth from less privileged background.

JNPT has taken initiatives in partnering with ‘Tourist First’ initiative of the civic society to create a better image of India by providing better services to tourists and better earning for vendors, hotels, etc., initially at Gateway of India. Shri G.K.Vasan has directed JNPT to take up more of such initiatives in other tourist places.

As you all know that Elephanta Island, situated close to JNPT, have a great historical value and its caves have been designated as World Heritage site by UNESCO. JNPT has planned to construct a part of the protection wall with pathway on the West side of the Island and to provide solar lighting and other miscellaneous facilities.

Shri G.K.Vasan, Minister of Shipping expressed that these initiatives of JNPT under CSR would be beneficial to the public. He also encouraged JNPT to take up many more such projects under CSR for the overall benefit of society.


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