Nov 25, 2013

Is there no law and order for police department?

Hello, This is sachin. My permanent home is in "Kanpur" and I am doing coaching in "Delhi". Due to sme urgency I went to my home "kanpur" on 20/11/2013" and returning to "delhi" on 24/11/2013 from "shramsakti express.

When I reached "kanpur central platform" on 24/11/2013 to pickup my train shramsakti express at 11:20pm.then on that time 3 policeman who has been on duty in kanpur central platform No1 , reach to my place and without any cause misbehave and abusing me. Even they told me that "They'll file case on behalf of terrorist activities and undisciplined behaviour with us. Without any cause they beaten me and told that they'll give punishment in "Lockup". After that your parents will come and see what we "police" can do? Is this a Law and order?

When I go to senior policeman then they told me "Get out from here otherwise I'll put you in lockup and file some serious case against  you". Noone listen my request and continue misbehave with me and again and again they told me "whatever you want to do, just do it".

After that when I  go to General coach then they were taking 100-300rs from most of the passenger to enter the General coach. when I refuse to give any other extra amount then they again beat me. Is there law and order only for civilian not for police depatment? even no any single policeman was ready to file my complain on those police officer even they couldn't tell those police officer's name, I can identify those policeman.

I therefore request you to please conduct "sting operation for charging amount by policeman to enter the general coach" and help me out for getting the justice. I am mentally dipress due to irrelevant behaviour by police department. Due to my safety , I am not giving my number.

Thanks & Regards
sachin sahay

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