Nov 29, 2013

Healthcare At Home comes to India

Burman family of Dabur India Ltd joins hands with promoters of UK-based firm to offer advanced medical care at home
New Delhi, November 29th, 2013: Healthcare in India is all set for a mega makeover with at-home world class medical care with utmost convenience becoming a reality.

The Burman family, promoters of India’s leading natural health care products maker Dabur India Ltd, has joined hands with Dr Gareth Jones and Charles Walsh, the founder of the UK-based Healthcare At Home, to introduce the concept of managed at-home healthcare services in India. The new joint venture Company – HealthCare At Home India (HCAH) will work with corporate hospitals and doctors to offer critical healthcare services in oncology, pulmonology, post-operative care (orthopedics, cardiac, bariatric etc), critical care and palliative care, to patients in the closed confined and comfortable environment of their own homes.
Although homecare facilities are much in demand globally, the same is at a nascent stage in India. This joint venture will seek to bring about a big change in patient care in India by adapting this global best practice to suit the specific needs of consumers in India. Health Care at Home India will also be adding other services such as maternity and aged care. Its success is founded on providing the highest quality services delivered by well trained and experienced staff (specialist nurses, HCAs and physiotherapists). It also uses empanelled doctors when required.

“It’s a well-known fact that being at home can bring happiness on the faces of even the most critical of patients as they struggle through a chronic or acute disease. Critical care in the home is an affordable option. In fact, it is both financially affordable and psychologically important to keep elderly and ill family members in the familiarity of their homes as it is the ideal healing environment, where access to loved ones and familiar surroundings shortens recovery time. This can only be achieved through employing experienced, well-trained healthcare professionals delivering doctor-approved care protocols. With this joint venture, we are introducing this affordable but high quality at-home healthcare service in Delhi-NCR,” said Dr Gareth Jones, Chairman, Health Care At Home India.

Speaking about the new venture, Burman family member and investor Mr. Gaurav Burman said: “The Burman Family has been investing their personal capital in new businesses and joint ventures for the last 20 years, and we are honoured to have had the opportunity to partner with many of the leading global corporates and business families to bring their brands, and business concepts to India. Healthcare is a sector in which we have a heritage and great interest. It is a sector in which India is at its early stages of growth and we are keen to invest aggressively in this sector. Health Care at Home India is a joint venture with entrepreneurs who have built a highly respected and successful brand in their home market, and we are delighted to have the opportunity in partnering with them and bring this venture to India. We believe that this venture will not only be successful but will have a beneficial influence on the healthcare industry in India.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Charles Walsh said: “We are hugely excited about the potential for high quality, patient-focused homecare services in India. Known for our high-tech at-home medical facilities in the UK, with this joint venture we look forward to changing people’s lives and offering our services to the people of India.”

Why one would opt for homecare over traditional healthcare?

When someone in the family suffers from critical illness and requires constant medical intervention and supervision, homecare comes as the best possible option. Instead of expensive, time-consuming attendance at hospital, homecare is designed to better meet patient needs. Allowing the patient to be at home greatly improves their quality of life.

Patients who deal with chronic ailments on a day-to-day basis are always looking for mental and spiritual wellbeing in order to cope up with the difficulties in their lives; in such cases homecare facilities such as “Healthcare at Home” grant patients freedom, mental peace and a hassle-free lifestyle much to their convenience.

“With this joint venture, we aim at changing the entire healthcare industry in India with unmatched homecare facilities changing the way people look at chronic ailments and their subsequent treatments that not only bothers the patient but also his/her family. We have made a good start in Delhi-NCR and with a talented management team we look forward to expanding rapidly to other cities,” said Mr. Vivek Srivastava, CEO, HealthCare at Home India.

As far as cost factors are concerned, Healthcare at Home will be an affordable choice for a lot of patients, who otherwise pay huge amounts to hospitals for medical facilities. So, cancer patients can now choose homecare for surgeries and post-surgery treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and biological therapy without having to get admitted to a hospital or hopping between places. Even pregnant women can opt for it pre- and post- the delivery for customised care, especially in cases of high-risk pregnancies. Precisely, it is dream possibility for many patients in India suffering from various chronic diseases.

About HealthCare at Home, UK

Healthcare at Home Ltd was established in 1992 by founder and former chairman Charles Walsh. The vision was, and remains today, to enhance the way in which care is provided for patients both in the home and in the community. The company has grown rapidly since its beginnings to become, by some margin, the UK’s leading provider of high-tech home healthcare with a turnover in excess of £1Bn (INR 10,000 Cr). Today the nationally accredited company delivers 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year care supported by bespoke, industry-leading IT infrastructure. They work with the NHS, pharmaceutical companies, private medical insurers, consultants, GPs and charities with a team of around 1,000 staff members that operate from locations throughout the UK to provide national services delivered from a local base.

Whilst HCAH has no direct connection with the UK company, the heritage, experience and significant success that Charles and Dr Gareth bring to this new venture will ensure that HCAH “stands out from the crowd” with the highest quality, patient-focused and dependable homecare services in India.


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