Oct 11, 2015

Campaign #Fight4theFoetus

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Campaign #Fight4theFoetus!

Your media initiative can change the attitude of the young people in India and they can change the skewed sex ratio that is leading to a demographic crisis in our nation. Female foeticide is causing bride drought and consequent increase in crimes of sexual violence.

#Fight4theFoetus Campaign Launching on the International Day of the Girl Child, 11th of October 2015

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution 66/170 on 19th December, 2011, declaring 11th October as the International Day of the Girl Child, with the objective of recognising girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face all over the world.

This year, among the several functions and ceremonies in connection with the observance of the International Day of the Girl Child on the 11th October, there will be a unique event that is going to change the face of India in the coming decades.  It is the nation-wide launching of the Campaign #Fight4theFoetus.  

Campaign #Fight4theFoetus

#Fight4theFoetus is a campaign against female foeticide in India. The child sex ratio is falling down and the adult sex ratio is also going to come down as a result.  Consequences are already being felt in several regions of our country. Violence against girls and women and abuse of children are increasing at a dangerous pace.

There are several other initiatives going on in the country against the practice of female foeticide.  The campaign creates a platform for coordination of these initiatives, supports them and supplies them with the necessary aids and tools to reach into the heart of the young people of the country.  As part of this campaign several multimedia programmes are launched and prominent persons and celebrities that are widely loved and respected have joined the campaign http://fight4thefoetus.org/

Our request

We request you to support #Fight4theFoetus Campaign as the need of the hour.  We have very little time to lose.  If we do not stop female foeticide here and now, there will be such a social catastrophe that our women folk will fear to venture out and our family and social values for which we are globally respected will be a thing of the past.

We call on you to use all your capability and influence, all the fields of your operations and all your social contacts, to spread the message of the Campaign, to save as many girl children as possible from death before birth.   We believe that your pen has the power to save innocent lives.

Anticipating your cooperation and support, we remain.

Yours sincerely,
Biju Thomas
Heritage India Foundation
+91 9944562027

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