Oct 20, 2015

Dont make india the Rape capital of the world

One thing is clear that some sick men  in india believe  that raping
small childrens and doing gang rapes is their constitutional
Right, because of government inaction
Against these sick lunatics.

When ever a gang rape or sexual assualt on a child takes place, media
would carry this news from morning to
Evening, then the next day the topic is erased, waiting to be revived
once another child or women is raped or gang raped.

Doing discussions or debates on rapes is not going to solve the problem.

Central gov or state gov  or supreme court should issue orders which
states that any one who is  involved in a gang rape (2 or more )
should be awarded death penalty with in 6 months from the day of
arrest .

Similarly death penatly should be awarded to anyone who rapes a girl
or boy aged 16 or less.

Similarly death penalty for sodomy cases.

If gov follows these three points , we can remove the name of india
from rape infested country .

Small childrens who are raped think that it was their fault for the
rest of their life, they cant come out of mental trauma, there by
badly affecting their normal adult life.

Similarly gang rapes or sodomy inflicts a mental trauma on the
attacked person , sense of  inferiority for the rest of their entire

Gov doesnot get any benifit from protecting gang rapists or child
rapists. So gov should have no objection for awarding death penalty to
child rapists, gang rapists and in sodomy cases.

Central gov wants to show the world that look india is a great country
, come and invest in india.
But cases of gang rapes and sexual assualts on small childrens
dents indias image very badly.
First make india, then go on for make in india.

When human beings that is  childrens, womens  in our country are
treated like low grade living beings, then how can our country
progress .

Bjp gov can neglect this letter, Ncw would also neglect this letter ,
as I am a Muslim, but I ask
Indian media to file Pil's in high courts and supreme court, asking
for death penalty in child sexual assualts, gang rapes and sodomy

Central gov is busy in its hate politics, that is divide and rule, so
it is now the moral duty of media
to file pil's in courts , seeking death penalty for child abuse, gang
rapes and sodomy cases.

Just imagine if a pakistani rapes an indian women, we would lynch him to death.

But when Indians are doing gang rapes, child sexual assualts, and
sodomy we completely neglect them.
Is this humanity, no.

Media Kindly fulfill your duty for fellow human beings. It is waste to
expect something from people who are doing their divide and rule

So do no more delays.

Md Rizwan Siddiqui.

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