Oct 25, 2015

PIL has been filed to challenge appointment of Justice Reva Khetrapal under existing Delhi Lokayukta Act

PIL has been filed in Supreme Court to challenge the appointment of Justice Reva Khetrapal under existing Delhi Lokayukta Act. Justice TS Thakur and BG Gowda will hear the matter tomorrow ie Monday 26-10-2015. Court no-2, Item-14. Ashwini Upadhyay Vs Government of NCT of Delhi Ground for petition:

A. Because Janlokpal Bill and Swaraj Bill are core agenda of AAP”s Constitution, AAP”s Vision document and also on top of the Aims and Objectives of the Aam Aadmi Party, which the present Delhi government is obliged to fulfill.

B. Because Janlokpal was Item-1 and Swaraj Bill was Item-2 of Aam Aadmi Party Manifesto 2013 and also on top of the agenda of AAP”s manifesto 2015 but despite the thumping 96% majority in assembly, both bills are not enacted into law.

C. Because Delhi Cabinet passed Janlokapl and Swaraj Bill in 2014 and presently both bills are property of Delhi Assembly. There is no constitutional or legal impediment in passing both bills.

D. Because during entire election campaign 2013 and 2015, AAP leaders including present Chief Minister of Delhi promised to pass Janlokpal and Swaraj bill within 15 days if the AAP got full majority but after coming to power, government is conveniently ignoring both bills.

E. Because Delhi government got a historic 96% majority in assembly after promising Janlokpal and Swaraj Bill but both bills are not being passed deliberately in Delhi assembly. However in similar lines of Janlokpal bill, Uttarakhand Assembly has passed Uttarakhand Lokayukta Bill 2011.

F. Because Delhi government implemented Item-4 (Electricity bills to be reduced by half) and Item-9 ( Free Water) within a week after forming the government although it is binding on public exchequer however not implementing Item-1 (Janlokpal Bill) and Item-2 (Swaraj Bill) of its manifesto, which will eradicate corruption and promote decentralization and transparency.

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