Jul 26, 2014

Mumbai Press Club : Independent Voice


We are writing to you as independent candidates standing for the posts of Joint Secretary and Managing Committee Members for the forthcoming Press Club poll scheduled on July 26.

Our intention to contest the poll as independent candidates is to lend voice to hundreds of neutral members who are associated with neither of the panels but think passionately about the Club and its development. The present committee has done its bit in terms of ambience, film club, lounge space, etc..however, we feel that there is tremendous potential in all these areas for enhancement and betterment.

It would be good to have fresh and new voices in the management of the Club. We aim in bringing about those voices and ideas forward.

Our agenda is essentially to bring about improvement in three major categories-

Food, Technology, Fitness


There is no denying that the quality of food needs a massive overhauling at the club. Every single member has complaints about the food at the Club. The menu needs an over all change. At the price we pay, it is our firm belief that better quality and a more elaborate range of food options can be made available at the Club.

Despite pointing it out to the committee, there has been hardly any change in it. Members are sentimental about this issue as the Club is a convenient point for all of us. To not just maintain the present footfall but to increase it further our priority will be to bring in drastic improvement in quality and variety in food, make it competitive and not taxing to members. There are few things which can be improved immediately with little effort.

Tea/Coffee: Better made chai is a must - masala chai, special chai and green tea can be easily made available. Cold coffee is another item that needs to be added in the menu.

Basic comfort food: Items like poha, maggie, idli- sambhar, dosa, medu vada, upma, can be easily made available throughout the day. These are comfort food for most of us and will definitely have people ordering for them.  Even pav-- something that Mumbaikars are so used to having with everything should be made available at the Club. People do prefer bhurji- pav over a bread bhurji here.

Beverages:  Again the scope is immense. Have more varieties of cocktails and cocktails and most importantly have the cocktail/mocktail counter open for as long as the last order for alcohol.

More varieties of alcohol starting from the basic - Beer. We can look at brands to have sponsored nights at the Club over weekends to get in more variety. Also having events that facilitate brands to come and promote at the same time, help us get more variety on the menu.

We can have items like Aarey products- lassi, masala milk, etc. for members who neither have coffee nor tea. Most of these are bottled products and people will avail of them if we provide them.

These are immediate measures on food and beverages front that can be taken care of immediately. Ultimately the goal is to drastically improve the quality of food and enhance the menu.


Most of us stay at far off places and we also feel that members expect some fitness facility at the Club. Members would be immensely benefitted if we can provide a small gym or a cycling club for them.

Cycling club: We can get cycles sponsored which members can rent on hourly basis. Getting geared cycles will not be difficult and the same can be given out on nominal rent.

Run: Since a lot of people prefer running and there are experts for the same, we intend to get trainers to run with you. Marine Drive is in our vicinity and is the best place for people to train and as well as run. We can have two batches by a trainer who runs along with you.

Yoga: We intend to get Yoga instructor who can come everyday at a suitable time. The sessions can be held on the terrace and will go a long way in keeping all of us fit.


Wi-fi- that certainly is something that we should look at. Get few of the service providers to give the club a good scheme and have them at affordable prices for the members. We can look at packages ranging from hours, to weeks to months and give members the option of picking one.


Club needs to revive Press Club’s photo contest, which was discontinued a few years ago. The contest used have various categories giving a lot of our photo journalists an opportunity to showcase their talent. Best photographs should be displayed within club.


Members of the electronic media form a big chunk of regular members of the Club and many feel that they are discriminated upon. We need to sort this out urgently and ensure no discrimination.

We therefore request you to kindly visit the Press Club on July 26 between noon and 7 pm and cast your vote to the deserving candidates.

With warm regards

Abhijit Sathe (Candidate for Joint Secretary)

Bapu Deedwania (Candidate for Management Committee)

Ashish Raje (Candidate for Management Committee)

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