Jul 26, 2014

Mumbai Press Club : Vote for PFPC

People for Fairness in Press Club.

चहेरे बदलो, प्रेस क्लब बदलो....

Dear All Members,

Our panel named as People for Fairness in Press Club (PFPC) is contesting elections of the Press Club for the posts of President, Chairman, Secretary & managing committee members. Please spare some time to peruse our manifesto. Here is our 16 points program:

+ We will be exploring and pursuing more housing opportunities for the members of our club in Mumbai & MMRDA region.

+ We will do tie ups with renowned hospitals of Mumbai for discounted treatment of our members & their family.

+ We will be approaching prominent banks for installing ATM machines in the club premises.

+ We will request the railways to open a reservation counter at the club similar to Press Club India in New Delhi.

+ We will provide free wifi internet facility to our members for first half an hour.

+ We will provide better food & services at the club restaurant.

+ Club will open from 10 am onwards for the benefit of television journalists.

+ We will make facilities for comfort & convenience of television journalists & photographers without making pay them anything extra.

+ We will be arranging for parking of ob vans which come to broadcast events at the club on first come first serve basis.

+ No money will be charged from television channels for doing live from the club premises.

+ We will set up a small studio from where news channels can do live. This will be free & will operate on first come first serve basis.

+ Air conditioning in the club will be kept on throughout the working hours of the club.

+ We will restore the dignity of the staff working at the press club & office bearers will behave with them in respectful & humane manner.

+ Happy & satisfied  staff will result in good service to the members. We will come up with policies to improve working conditions for the staff & also reward them for their performance.

+ There will be uniform entry fees for guests across all days of the week.

+ Review & continuation of good initiatives taken by the existing committee.

If our panel comes in power, we will ensure that there is no discrimination with members. Benefit of all the members irrespective of medium they work with will be taken care off.

Please vote for candidates of PFPC.

Thank you.


Sumant Mishra,


Candidates as follows:

1. Sumant Mishra, Candidate for the post of President.

2. Mayur Parikh, Candidate for the post of Chairman.

3. Nandkishore Bhartiya, Candidate for the post of Vice-Chairman.

4. Satish Khambete, Candidate for the post of Secretary.

5. Akhilesh Tiwari, Candidate for the post of Committee Member.

6. Bhedakar Ganshyam, Candidate for the post of Committee Member.

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