Dec 19, 2014

PAKISTANI's are also good

99% Pakistanis are good people
 Sometimes I am really sad on reading your comments on fb.
 I have repeatedly said that 99% Pakistanis ( like 99% Indians ) are good people.
 In response some of you furiously attacked me, saying that we can never be friends with Pakistanis, that they are barbarians and terrorists, that they never sympathised with the 26/11 killings in Mumbai, that they persecute Hindus, Christians, etc, some asking where did I get the statistic of 99%, etc 
 I told you that I am a humble disciple of the great French thinker Rousseau, and my teacher taught me that men are good by nature, and my experience in life has confirmed the truth of Rousseau's statement. I found from my 69 years experience in life that 99% people are good.
 However, my teacher also said that good people are often corrupted by society and wicked people, and that is why some Pakistanis do bad things ( like some Indians ).
 As for statistics, these can always be manipulated. So I often do not rely on them,but choose to rely instead on my own experience in life.
 So I often get sad and exasperated when you people make such silly comments.
 I am your teacher, who wishes to teach you the truth and good things. I am your teacher not because I am inherently superior in intellect to you ( I am sure that when you reach my age many of you will become far superior to me ), but because of the knowledge I have acquired after tremendous study and reflection over half a century 
But when you people do not understand what I say even after I have repeatedly and patiently explained all this to you I sometimes feel that I am wasting my time, and that you are unworthy pupils who will never learn.
 But then I think, these are good people whose minds have been brain washed by decades of false propaganda, so i must continue to be patient and not loose my cool, and must continue patiently explaining the truth. It is because I really love you and am really concerned about your welfare that I continue on this path. Otherwise I would have abandoned you long ago, and retreated into silence and solitude. After all, I am not getting any personal benefit by teaching you, and often even get brickbats.

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