Jul 16, 2016

टीओआई में रेहाना फरहान शेख से क्यों जबरन इस्तीफा लिया गया?

रेहाना फरहान शेख ने टाइम्स आफ इंडिया की मालकिन और मालिकों इंदु जैन, विनीत जैन आदि को भेजे गए मेल में खुद से लिए गए जबरन इस्तीफे पर अपना पूरा पक्ष स्पष्ट किया है. यह मेल भड़ास के पास टाइम्स आफ इंडिया के किसी भरोसेमंद साथी ने मेल के जरिए पहुंचाया है. इस मेल को प्रकाशित करने का मकसद बड़े बड़े मीडिया हाउसों के भीतर चलने वाले घटिया किस्म के खेल को उजागर करना है. रेहाना ने सारी बात पूरी बेबाकी से इस मेल के जरिए टीओआई के मालिकों के सामने रख दी है....

Most respectfully but with a heavy heart I would like to submit and place a few things on record and for consideration of all of you. I have been working as a chief graphic editor in the Speaking Tree. My career with this company and earlier organizations including The Hindustan Times, DNA and Financial Chronicle, Media Tranasia Group etc. and during my entire career no figure was ever raised by anyone. Now, an issue has been created to put blaims and tarnish my image and career, resulting that I have become depressed and stressed, for the reason that I am being penalized for no fault and hung without being fully heard.

I have artistic work and am never an expert of marketing or advertising but because people in the marketing division of TIL made an issue, though the fault was with them resulting that I was compelled to place a resignation letter and proceed on one month notice period leave from 29th April, 2016. Even my resignation was got typed by my senior authorities and I had to place my signatures on that otherwise the alternative told to me at that time was that I would be terminated. I had never come across such a situation in my 23 years career and thus I obeyed the directions of my seniors.

However, after coming back home and till now I am thinking that what had happened and why such a drastic action was taken against me. I agree that I booked advertisements of my husband’s restaurant for 17/4/2015 delhi times whats hot 5/6/2015 delhi times whats hot, and 5/7/2015,  speaking tree ad – 96 cc (120 psq rs. 11520) made the payments, as asked for.

When Mr. Shubhank came for verifying the edition of 15/11/2015,  I asked him if I could put an advertisement of my husband’s firm to which he said positively and thus I placed the advertisement in speaking tree edition of 15/11/2015 – 100 cc (120 psq rs. 12000) and as per his version the same rate was to be applied as earlier one. He had written “OK’ on the dummy pages for checking, and which is still there in records. Next day I had brought a cheeque No. 000296 drawn on Kotak Mahindra Bank and informed him. He got  collected the same after a few days but the cheque was never presented. I even asked him about that almost a month later and he said, may be lying in accounts and would get presented anytime. The cheque has never been presented till date.

Even the RO for advertisement published on 5th. July 2015 was made by Mr. Shubhank himself and if I place it before your honours a new Pandora box would get opened. The size of advertisement published and size in RO are different, The TDS decuction that has been claimed never existed because we did never do so. It surfaced only when the issue cropped up. Further astonishing is that though the online transfer was done in 2015 it is mentioned in July 2016, which is yet to come (It explains the game)

For the 6/3/2016  issue  speaking tree issue again an advertisement of Tipu Sulta, the firm of my husband was repeated when Mr. Shubhank called me for it. He said that with this advertisement, the marketing team would be in a better position to convince more advertisers from restaurant industry, telling them that this restaurant is getting response. I thought that it would be in the interest of the company (The Times of India) and I agreed and the same was published. This time also like earlier the Release Order was got to be made by Mr. Shubhank and cheque got collected for the amount on the basis of earlier agreed rates.

I want to highlight above ads which I have taken in toi delhi times and speaking tree edition.  I never took any ad in toi without payment. In November spk edition when subhank came to check edition ad on Friday at that only I asked him to take ad in speaking tree, he agreed said mam this is our paper so you can take ro and payment will take later. I trusted him since ro booking and payment was in his hand and he is heading mkting & sales. I asked him at that time only ad is not coming thru qlink. He said no issue will make later. After that I asked him 2 three times for ro and payment he said will take it from you when require. Yes I didn’t forced him so much. I have already mentioned the details of the cheque given by my husband’s firm and its non presentation till date.

When our editor asked him about edition being checked by him and and why he signed all ok. Why you didn’t notice that time. Subhank could not give a satisfactory reply. On march edition it was on Thursday night when he called me n asked me to put tipu sulan restron ad as he wanted to target retron for getting ad by saying that this restron is getting good response so he will get restron ad also. At that time Reena (deputy editor) was also interested to give her advertorial in that edition. I called subhank for advertorial approval. He approved I told him the rate also 11,800 he said ok. Paisa aayega na theek hai.

I am also forwarding a chain of emails exchanged on the subject matter by Reena ji and finally she is still sticking on the issue that she will pay only 11,800. She is continuing in the organization as she has discussion and communication skills, being from editorial and sticking to the truthful facts.

But as I am of artistic mindset, never exposed to fighting or of being able to communicate in strong but polite words, being a simple person of peaceful mindset, I admit that I have been unable to express and as aresult being compelled to pay a total of huge amount of rs. 38,400. When this march issue got messup I asked subhank to show November ro and payment, he kept telling me he has ro n cheque don’t worry u pay this first than will c November issue.  However a sum of Rs. 20,000 has been deducted from my salary for that, even after having issued the unpresented cheque, as mentioned above.

When department asked RO and payment , he denied, there is no RO and payment submitted by rehana for November issue. Everyone believed  subhank and  nobody believing me and the worthy hr asked me to resign. I was shattered and broken at that time and I signed the resignation letter.

I am not a habitual who place free ad it was permitted by sales head subhank. i never denied for any payment instead I asked him. may be his intention was to take cash against ad later on or employee favour or something else which I am not aware. My intention was not to harm company. Please check my past record.

Now the company had not given increment letter and Target Variable Pay (TVP), and instead of 11,800 x2 I have paid 38,400.  And 20,000

Is it the reward of being honest and obedient. Is it a reward for thinking of company’s interest that a new area of advertisements from Restaurants will open for the Speaking Tree (As Mr. Shubhank had stated) and the company would get benefitted. Is it the reward for telling the truth to the seniors, when asked for.

I have been working hard because have to look after my house with two kids and their education.  As the business of my husband is in an early stage I have to take care of the family.

I have attempted to explain truthful position that compelled me to resign from this esteemed organization. Since that day I am having sleepless nights, heavy headache and disturbed mindset due to stress that Why am I being  hanged for no fault.

I would request your order to take any action after having all the facts before you. I would be more obliged if a personal hearing is granted as I would love to conyinuing working in the organization where I have served for a total of 9 years of my life.

(As I was unable to write properly, I have taken help of my brother in drafting this email because he could not see me in stress and on his repaeated asking I narrated the story and he has drafted it for me)

Looking forward to hear on a positive note from your honour

I remain
Yours faithfully
Rehana Farhan Sheikh

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