Aug 28, 2015

Demographic Imbalance Dangerous for National Existence and Identity

New Delhi . Census Report is not merely a data but is the
identity of the community. The demographic imbalance of Bharat has not
only challenged its identity but also posed threat to its existence.
Addressing a press conference in New Delhi, Dr. Surendra Jain, Joint
General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishd also said that the identity
of Bharat is based on Religious Congregation of all communities,
Equality of thinking and seeing whole world as one family and this
exists only due to majority Hindu society. The decreasing Hindu
Population may become serious threat to this identity. According to
the census report 2011, the Hindu population has first time lowered
than 80%. The district or state where Hindus are declining in number
show a dangerous signal for future.  The entire Kashmir valley, three
districts of Bihar & West Bengal and nine districts in Assam are
giving a red signal for Hindu existence.

        VHP feels that foreign infiltration, religious conversions and
aggressive behaviour of a particular sect or community is responsible
for the same. A large group of Muslim society sees it as a mission to
enhance its numbers.    In the name of Darul Islam, some hard liners of
muslim community are provoking their followers to make India a muslim
region.  VHP feels that this danger has to be faced by not only Bharat
& Hindus but Muslims cannot be escaped from it.  Their mission for
increasing population will keep them remain backward.
Therefore, we appeal to the muslim community to improve their thinking
in this regard and change themselves internally in the national
interest.  All civilized communities throughout the world recognizes
family planning. Muslim should be the followers of uncle APJ Abdul
Kalam, but not Babar or Mohd Gauri.
        VHP appeals to all state & central govt. to form and adhere to common
population policy applicable for all communities of the country. The
Judiciary has  also said in this regard. The infiltration of muslims
from Bangladesh & Mynmar has also not only created the imbalance but
has become danger to the nation. It should be stopped, identified and
deported forth with.  It is the constitutional & moral duty of the
govts. Stopping conversion will not only correct the imbalance but
also became based to improve the religious harmony. VHP also calls
upon Hindu community to understand the threat imposed on it and the
country & pressurize the govt. for necessary action in this regard.
        The Press Conference was also addressed by the demographic expert
Prof. Rakesh Sinha (Director, India Policy Foundation) who elaborated
the seriousness of the data.
Vinod Bansal
Vishwa Hindu Prishad,
Press Statement

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