Aug 29, 2015

Letter to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

Honorable Narendra Modi                                                                
Prime Minister of India                                                              
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

We thought that you are different from others who are egoists and carried away by yes men and flattery. It appears now things are going the other way. Your  ministers are giving sermons about honesty and pointing out others faults only ignoring their own. Last Parliament Session ended like women quarrelling for water at public taps. Even our President expressed his anguish by telling that our Parliament has been converted into an arena of combat rather than debate.  This is not a sign of good governance. Since we are living in Andhra Pradesh(AP) we can give examples from this state, that does not mean other states are better.

Please consider the following:

What steps have you initiated as PM to set things right?

Do you think all your ministers are honest and sincere in their work?

Each department in AP is full of corruption. Take for example transport department even non eligible persons are getting licenses through agents.

In entire Nellore district transport department is run by agents only..

Can't ACB catch when these are happening openly?

Do you think farmers can be developed by disposing their fertile agricultural lands to non-agriculturists?

Do you expect poor people to  benefit from opening bank accounts without firm measures like prohibition on liquor etc.?

Don't you know education in our country is in very bad shape? Can't you ask the organisations dealing with school education to work for common curriculum in Science and Maths for all schools in the Country?

Don't you know even a single member of present TDP not worth to cite the name of  late NTR? Also methods used to remove him from his own party is a matter to be remembered by all.

Don't you think persons with arrogance and egoism are unfit for public life? And also politicians preaching sons of the soil theory are worse than dreaded terrorists?  Can you expect unity among the people by encouraging divisive forces?

Do you think persons who encourage all sorts of malpractices in education and other matters are eligible for any public post?  If not, how in AP it is happening?

Don't you think arousing sentiments among gullible people for selfish ends is not good, and encourage unruly elements?

Sir, to encourage democracy in the Country you have to think honestly and ask yourself whether any present politician today is worthy of taking the name of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)?

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

J.V. Ramana Reddy,
S R Sankaran Grama Chaitanya Kendram,
Kommaneturu colony, Gudur Mandal,
Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh – 524 406

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