Aug 15, 2015

Protest on demanding enquiry on the death of Anti Liquor Activist Sasi Perumal in Tamil Nadu

Civil Societies in New Delhi protest in front of Tamil Nadu house demanding enquiry on the death of Gandhian Sasi Perumal and to implement the peoples demand of total prohibition. The demonstration led by People Movements Against Liquor and Drugs PMALD, Khudai Khidmatgar, National Alliance of Peoples Movement  NAPM, Sarvodaya Mandal and other civil society members.
Anti Liquor protest in Tamil Nadu has increased the voice with the people involvement for the demand with the state Government.

Various social organizations are effectively doing their struggle on this issue, since the  relaxation and promotion of sale has been initiated by the state Government, whenever the matter of total prohibition comes to the Govt concern they just say that the state government is getting 30% of total revenue from the liquor consumption. The people who consume the liquor are daily wages, from economically very poor background, semi skilled labours and like groups, now a days a large number of Youths and Student began consuming these liquors from the Govt approved TASMAC shops all over Tamil Nadu.

It has resulted various forms of  violence that targets the women in large like domestic and sexual, likewise the deaths of newly married youth since he became addict for the liquor leads to his wife a widow in a shortrr period of time , increase in deaths due to over consumption of liquor, apart from that various forms of anti social activities being increased in a simpler way after the consumption of liquors, there are several villages in Tamil Nadu which shows us a large number of widows.

Several protests, demonstrations, arrests, yatras,  being initiated by various groups and individual but the state Government is not at all ready to accept it, as a part of these series of protest Gandian Sasiperumal struggle for the anti liquor protest held in a village of Kanniyakumari district on 31st July 2015, during this protest he claimed on the nearby mobile tower to expose the peoples demand (Total Prohibition) yo the Govt, instead of hearing the demand the police personnel went closer to him in the mobile tower after 6 hours long protest when he agreed to get down from the tower he was murdered by the police personnel, and the Government has not yet filed the complaint on the concern officials.

Even after a week the State Government had failed to take any initiative or response on this issue, through these protest the appeal from the civil societies with the Tamil Nadu state government are as follows.

The demands are
1. Implement Total prohibition in Tamil Nadu in favour of protecting the people, particularly the Women, Children and aged person.
2. To set up fast enquiry on the death of Anti Liquor activist Sasi Perumal and take necessary action on the concern police officials who were presented in the spot during this incidence.
3. Stop attrocities on women, students and handicapped who are involving in protest against the government , since it is the right to expression of each and every citizen.
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