Oct 21, 2013

Converging Internet Services - The Next Big Thing

It is the age of convergence and convenience. Specially with regard to availing of services, the users would like to have maximum possible services at one place since it consumes less time and effort, and this is precisely what two computer science graduates Prahlad Modi and Sahil Mehta have tried to offer through "itoall", which is supposed to be india's first and largest social networking website offering a bouquet of prominent services like video sharing, document sharing, photo sharing and social networking on a single platform.

The website is on the verge of completion and the "beta version" is slated to be launched late October 2013 as confirmed by the sources familiar with the development process of www.itoall.com .Given the kind of services offered by itoall,the founders are quite confident about the acceptance of the website worldwide and eventually aspire to compete with the industry leaders like facebook, youtube, scribd etc. The website's indian origin makes the team optimistic about huge support from the native population in the form of big userbase in India. Founders are hopeful of a great start and long sustenance in the internet market. For more details about the services provided by itoall, please visitwww.itoall.com.

Ashwini kumar

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