Oct 15, 2013

SURAKSHA, a device to help women in distress : an initiative by a student of ITM University, Gurgaon

: ITM University student invents a revolutionary device that can help women in distress send an SOS to police

Gurgaon,15 October 2013: In an invention inspired by the social needs of our times, an ITM University student has invented a device that can come handy for women in time of distress. Invented by Nitish Aggarwal, the groundbreaking technological solution can be used by a victim to forewarn police and seek help.

Suraksha is a simple and easy to carry device, the prototype of which has been tested with success. A provisional patent received on this, has further worked as a shot in the arm for Nitish to pursue the project even more vigorously.

Currently, the work to miniaturize the device for effectively embedding it in watches, jewellery, mobile phones etc. in order to make it a versatile instrument for mass production is in progress.

'Suraksha' is a unique, low cost, sleek, user friendly, real time and all weather device in the hands of the women or any victim which can help protect them from anti-social elements and criminals to give them the freedom and confidence to live their lives, without any fear or insecurity.

A mere press of a switch will send location as well as distress message, via a transmitter module to a police control room and to other registered mobile numbers, via GSM module.

The device, when not in use, will be locked so that no unnecessary signals are sent. In order to unlock it, a simple voice command is sufficient. The device can be actuated by three ways namely, voice, switch and force. Therefore, even if the device is thrown with force, it will start functioning, using force sensors, and same will be achieved by a voice command in case the device is not near the user.

Driven by passion and all round support, Nitish is all gung-ho, the way his dream product is passing through the various stages of the development. He is also excited at its universal application for the society at large.

“The basic idea is to flash a warning and give away instantly the location of the distressed victim to the police so that any untoward incident could be averted and the culprit apprehended. This would help reduce crime against women,” says Nitish.

Further development on the device is taking place under the aegis of TECHNOLOGIA, a technical society of ITM University, mentored by Ms Charu Rana and Mr Sidharth Bhatia, faculty at ITM University.

The project has the potential to create a niche in the upcoming projects such as CCTNS (crime and criminal tracking network and system) in which all the police records, pan India are digitized and all the police station throughout the country will be integrated.

Expect things to go better; the GenNext will surely find some solution to create enough deterrence for the antisocial elements and sexual offenders.

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