Oct 8, 2013

Graebert India holds workshop to acquaint ITM University engineering students about careers in Computer-Aided-Design

·  Experts discuss with students how CAD has revolutionized designing in multiple fields; give Live Demos on latest CAD software

·  Graebert India’s Dilip Damle and ITM University’s Ashwini Sharma guide enthusiastic young students about career possibilities thrown open by CAD

Gurgaon, October 8, 2013: Students of ITM University hoping to make a career in the field of manufacturing design got a unique opportunity to discuss their field of interest as University faculty was joined in by German company Graebert representatives in India at a unique workshop today.

The advent of computer-aided design (CAD) software, as we know, has radically revolutionized the face of manufacturing in multiple fields, be it aerospace, automobiles, architecture, Civil, Electrical, Infrastructure, interior design, and fashion…just to name a few.

Digital designs using CAD software has drastically cut costs and done away with the need of manual designing. This development has also opened an entire new field for engineering professionals.

At the workshop organized by Graebert India, the company’s representative Mr. Dilip Damle interacted with students and spoke to them about CAD and its evolution over the years.

During the seminar, a brief overview of CAD was presented to acquaint the students with the basic idea and latest aspects of CAD technology and its usage. A live demonstration on ARES Commander Edition was also given to the all-curious students who seemed to enjoy every bit of it with utmost attention.

Emphasizing on the growing importance and dependence of manufacturers in various fields on CAD, Mr Damle said, “CAD has revolutionized the designing process today, be it in the auto design sector or aerospace or even interior designing. It has simplified it to an extent that it has caught the attention of even amateur designers and students who can do a design and generate output very quickly.  At the same time, highly sophisticated tools for analysis and simulation have been added to CAD for the domain Experts in each field”.

“This workshop is a golden opportunity for these bright students who wish to make a career in the field of CAD software. Through this workshop, we hope to clear all the doubts and answer queries of the curious and innovative minds who are the future of this country and technology.   Also a need was stressed that every specialized design engineer had to have hands on ability to work on CAD and high end simulation tools” he said.

Mr. Damle was joined in at the workshop by ITM University’s senior CAD faculty Mr. Ashwini Sharma who also discussed the technology with the eager students. CAD software is widely used in engineering-based industries like manufacturing and industrial design. However, its applications are today being used in virtually any industry that needs designing of an object.

“CAD has become an essential part of engineering design. And why just Engineering design, designing of all forms of objects is being done with its help, for instance designing a chair or for that matter a book shelf. Many students are choosing to make it a career choice,” said Mr. Sharma, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, ITM University.

The CAD seminar also had a Question & Answer and career counselling round which immensely benefitted the keen and curious audience of engineering students.

“Aspiring Architects, Mechanical and Automobile Engineers who want to create a niche for themselves in the field of design – automotive, product, or architectural or others, will benefit immensely by acquainting themselves with this design technology”, Mr Dilip Damle said.

ARES Commander Edition is a customizable CAD platform from Graebert, a pioneer in CAD technology.  Graebert GmbH is well known around the globe as the developer of popular CAD software and its ARES CAD engine powers solutions from Dassault Systemes Solidworks Corp®, Corel Corporation™, and other top companies.  Graebert has an installed base of over 4 million users of its ARES technology in 180 countries.

Student and educational version of the ARES Commander Edition software can be ordered through Resellers of Information Technology.

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