Oct 4, 2013

There is acute shortage of service from Dhaula Kuan to Noida Sec-62

Request from All Passengers

We would like to draw your attention that on route Nos.392,323 & 398 there is acute shortage of service from Dhaula Kuan to Noida Sec-62, particularly in the morning and evening hours between 8.30AM to 10 AM and 6pm to 8pm. We have registered many complaints with DTC Helpline, but till date no action has been taken to solve this problem which is affecting the common man who has no other means of transport. This shortage has taken crippling proportion in the past four months. Through a letter we had brought this matter into the notice of Public Grievance Cell & C.M’s office for help.

The situation has gone from bad to worse since last couple of weeks. Many Girls are facing this problem.Especially in evening time as we have to wait for 1hour and when bus come its is so much crowded that we cant enter in it and it is happening due to chartered buses.

As you know about the 16 dec rape case which was happened with damini and it was happened due to yadav bus and now yadav travel has changed the name and now a days charted buses named essar tavels( bus no is UP 16 BT-5200 and UP16 B-8885 and DL1P A-6348) and Rohit travel(UP 16 BT-6523) are running on roads.These buses come in the morning in between 8.30am to 9.15am and due to these buses dtc buses come after 9.15am so is we are coming at Nehru Nagar stand at 8.30am so we have to wait 1hour.Moreover,if bus comes driver don’t open the front gate for the girls and the back gate condition is too bad that girls can’t enter from back gate.

We, passengers believe that the private bus operators buses are paying bribe to the concenred officers of DTC for not to plying buses in these routes on the morning hours and evening hours. There are two traffic policemen who stand at maharani bagh stand daily sees the chartered buses(Essar earlier named yadav bus service and Rohit) but he don’t stop them.

We,passengers also called to Mr.A.K.Goyal(8744073007, DTC Bus Manager) and Mr. S.A.Khan (8744073248 Mayapuri Depot Manager) and Mr Anil Shukla(Traffic Police Head) but we are not getting any response from their sides.

We are fed up commuters who are forced to wait 1-2 hours for DTC services, and finally depend on three-wheelers and private buses to reach our offices. After increase in the bus fare it has become unviable to do the break journey as it will rob our pockets irreparably. We will end up spending Rs 25-35 instead of Rs.15 for the break journey. Now, we the public are preparing to take the matter to the media so that everybody understands the situation we are in.

It is our earnest request to you to kindly look into the matter personally and do the needful and get us sufficient buses in these routes at least in the morning hours (8.30 am to 10 am)and evening hours(6pm to 8pm) for the service class.

We all girls request you to please help us to resolve this problem because we don’t want that again one girl will take place of Damini.

sweety kapoor

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