Oct 8, 2013

Dada JP Vaswani bids farewell to USA with his msg "Turn Back to God"

Press Release

Rev. Dada says, ‘Turn Back to God’ as he departs from New Jersey on 8 October, 2013

In his parting message to USA at the New Jersey farewell session on October 7, 2013, Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani gave this one message - ‘Turn back to God'.

He said, "When we were children, we never used to hear about terrorism. For man, needs to turn back to God. Make God real in your life. For then, we would not commit such acts of terror.”

Despite the hurricane warning in New Jersey on 7 Oct 2013, children & adults gathered at the Sadhu Vaswani Center, Closter, New Jersey. The little ones and Rev. Dada had a good exchange with storytelling and riddles.

Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani gave the children a prayer to say after every meal, in an effort to make God more real in their daily life –

“Thank you God for the friends I meet.

Thank you God for the food I eat.

Thank you God for the songs I sing.

Thank you God for everything.”

Upon hearing the prayer, said Monisha Alex Sachanandani, “Thank you Dada for everything,” echoing the sentiment of the audience.

Rev. Dada has Dubai on his schedule next before arriving back to India. He flies out to Dubai on October 8, 2013 and will be there till October 16, 2013. The west tour has taken him to London, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Panama over a grueling 2 month period from August 8th, 2013. Rev. Dada was honoured at several places he visited during his tour, but everywhere he said, “Give me Time, don't give me Proclamations. With folded hands I have come to door every one of you to ask you to give little time to God who gives to you 24 hours in day and night cycle.  Instead of giving me a proclamation give me a promise that you will give whatever time 15 mins, half an hour, one hour… to God every day. Turn back to God.”

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