Jul 22, 2015


Century Plyboards (India) Ltd., which already enjoys a premium reputation as a consumer brand, is trying to create a sub brand, SAINIK PLYWOOD for the first time in the market, through a TVC. This TVC is planned in order to capture the mind space of end-consumers and also, strengthen its image among influencers (carpenters, contractors, retailers). SAINIK PLYWOOD is a tough product that epitomizes the spirit of the soldier who is ready for any hardship. It is, therefore, built on the spirit of a Sainik, who is ‘Hamesha Tayyaar’ – ‘always ready’ for any eventuality or hardship that comes his way.

SAINIK PLYWOOD enjoys a strong foothold in the economy value segment and is expected to create a buzz with this campaign. SAINIK PLYWOOD is available across markets within India with a price tag which is eminently competitive. It is indeed the most economical purchase in the category for the consumers. SAINIK PLYWOOD is termite & borer resistant, all-weather resistant and boiling water resistant. It also has the ability to withstand heavy loads. Besides, it is one of the sturdiest plywoods in its segment due to having hardwood as its core.

The primary idea behind coming up with a commercial of this scale is to create a larger-than-life impact of the product in the consumers’ minds:  come what may, our hero SAINIK PLYWOOD can withstand the toughest of conditions. Hence, the story is set in a forest, where soldiers are engaged in combat across land and water, under the most trying circumstances. The SAINIK PLYWOOD box they carry bears testimony to the undaunted spirit of the soldiers, and in spite of the forces of nature and the troubles caused by men, it goes through the ordeal with the guts that only a true SAINIK PLYWOOD embodies.

As per Navarun Sen, Executive Business Head, Plywood - Century Plyboards (India) Ltd

“You are aware that CenturyPly of course has done very well. We are there at the premium segment. That’s the primary brand. However a few years back we launched SAINIK PLYWOOD to address the value segment. Am very happy that today we have grown in scale in fact it’s almost a 200CR today, that we are been able to put it out on air as a SAINIK PLYWOOD TVC for the very first time. We really hope to drive this value segment and make SAINIK PLYWOOD another huge brand from CenturyPly.”

“This is another first attempt from CenturyPly, where we are trying to create a sub brand in our journey for creating a commodity into a consumer brand. SAINIK PLYWOOD comes lower in the hierarchy of our products but is one of the most exciting products for our consumers. What we want to bring out from this campaign is built on a spirit of the Sainik in terms of integrity, commitment, strength etc. and this is what Century Plywood also stands for. Another offering from CenturyPly in terms of creating good advertisement and delivering good product to the market space”, says Amit Gope, Group Marketing Head - Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.

"SAINIK PLYWOOD from Century Plywood operates at the mass popular end of the plywood range. It caters to a price-sensitive buyer for whom durability and reliability are important virtues in the plywood they would like to use in their homes. We decided to leverage these attributes in the communication for the brand. Like any Sainik on the battlefield, this plywood is ready to take on any challenge that is thrown at it. The new communication heightens the reliability of the brand and strengthens the brand's credentials on being battle-ready", says Rajiv Sabnis, Executive Director – DDB Mudra Group & President – DDB Mudra West.

“The name SAINIK PLYWOOD in itself holds so many virtues. Strong, steadfast, resilient. Which summed up what we wanted to say about our plywood as well. And from here the story practically wrote itself.

Which was then beautifully captured by Anupam Mishra”, as per Rahul Mathew, Creative Head – DDB Mudra West.

Rajendra Shah, General Marketing Manager, Century Plyboards (India) Ltd says, “SAINIK PLYWOOD is borer & termite resistant , moisture resistant and all weather resistant. It comes in Boiling Water resistant variant also. It also has the capacity to bear heavy loads. Moreover it is the most sturdiest plywood in this segment due to hardwood content. This TVC is a creative attempt to demonstrate all these features in an interesting manner”

: CenturyPly
Creative agency                                                               
: DDB Mudra West
Chairman and Chief Creative Officer
: Sonal Dabral
: Rahul Mathew, Sharat Kuttikat, Jayesh Vaghela,
Account management                                 
: Ronak Shah, Vikrant Jain
Account planning                                            
: Amit Kekre, Shekhar Panday
Films dept                                                          
: Vishal Sane
Production House                                           
: Crazy Few Films
: Anupam Mishra
: Urfi Kazmi / Viraj Gawas
Music Director                                                  
: Subhajit Mukherjee

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About the Company

Century Plyboards (India) Ltd (CPIL), incorporated in 1982 is part of the Century Group which has diverse interests in plywood, laminates and logistics. CPIL is one of the leading manufacturers of plywood, laminates, veneer, MDF, blockboards and doors, among others. The company is also engaged in the container freight station (CFS) business. It operates through seven manufacturing units located at Joka, WB; Guwahati, Assam; Kandla, Gujarat; Chennai, TN; Karnal, Haryana; Roorkee, Uttarakhand and Myanmar. It has a pan-India presence with over 13,000 retail outlets and 33 marketing offices.

Business Operations

CPIL primarily operates through three business segments as under:-

• Plywood: CPIL’s plywood products are used extensively in commercial and industrial settings. Its plywood is wrap resistant which helps maintain its original shape for long-term. Its unique GLP formula makes every ply borer resistant and termite proof. The company also guarantees seven year powder proof for PF plywood. Some of the prominent brands under this category are Club Prime, ArchitectPly and MarinePly.

• Decoratives: CenturyLaminates’ exotic range of decorative laminates is considered superior for its higher colour fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates. This is because of the use of a unique technology in which special resins impart extra strength to its laminates, making them highly resistant to scratch and abrasion. Some of the prominent brands under this segment include, 1MM, Slimline and Opulenza. The exterior range of laminates is retailed under the brand name Exteria. CenturyVeneers has some of the most exotic ranges of natural and reconstituted veeners under the retail brands NatzuraWoods and SenzuraStyles.

• Container Freight station (CFS): CPIL’s CFS facility is spread over an area of 100,000 sq. mtr near Kolkata port with a capacity to handle 160,000 TEUs. The company uses RFID/GPS/GPRS based container tracking system.

Recent Developments
• CPIL increased its plywood manufacturing capacity by 21% from 172,420 CBM in FY13 to 209,420 CBM in FY14.
• The company commissioned two manufacturing facilities one at Kandla (capacity 31,000 CBM) and other at Myanmar (capacity 6,000 CBM) and also doubled its laminates capacity to 4.8 million units.
• During FY14, the company also introduced new products such as pro-doors, laminated flush doors and decorative flush doors under the brand CenturyDoors The company is soon launching Wood Polymer Composite boards and Fiber Cement boards.
• The number of CPIL dealers has increased from 1,106 in FY12 to 1,424 in FY14.
• The company recently launched a retail furniture and modular kitchen chain, Nesta with the launch of fourteen stores completed, and has plans for twenty one more in FY15.
• In Dec 2014, CPIL incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary namely, CenturyPly (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
• In Sep 2014, the company disinvested its entire shareholding in its subsidiary Aegis Business Ltd. As a result, ABL and its subsidiary Aegis Overseas Ltd ceased to be subsidiaries of CPIL w.e.f. Aug 2014.
• In May 2013, the High Court of Kolkata approved the demerger of ferro alloys and cement division of the company which has been transferred to Star Ferro and Cement Ltd, the resulting company.


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