Jul 12, 2015

​​No paper, no pen…just your smart phone and Shaadi-e-Khas

​New Delhi
Have trouble remembering dates and details? Keep losing track of work done? Exceeding the budget a common mistake? Big fat Indian wedding a nightmare to manage? Not anymore….plan as grand as you want and let the Shaadi-e-Khas android app take the trouble for you.

In times where everyone and everything is in a hurry you don’t want to waste those crucial last minutes before the event fighting with flower vendor over the arrangement or with your cousin over whose responsibility it was to call the horse carriage guy.
Confusion and friction over smallest of issues is a common scene in Indian weddings often spoiling the mood and causing heated arguments that never fade away from one’s memory.
User-friendly technology such as Shaadi-e-Khas
android app proves to be an effective solution to the laborious and challenging task of wedding management making the entire process streamlined and organized thus reducing the chances of error.
Shaadi-e-Khas android app enables the user to get rid of traditional pen and paper method of wedding management thus completely eliminating the chances of misplaced notes and wrong details. The app can be used from just a smart phone thus replaces the bulky old notebook and the bag to carry it.
With a zillion of preparations going on simultaneously, the planner always forgets one or two things but not anymore. Shaadi-e-Khas app has a special feature which timely reminds you the task to be done, thus saving you from those embarrassing moments when you forgot the only task assigned!
Not only tasks but Shaadi-e-Khas android app also provides you with a list of certified vendors and wedding planners thus saving the time and hassle of visiting each one of them individually.
The big fat Indian wedding is not so tedious anymore as with Shaadi-e-Khas android app technology weds tradition presenting before you a tool that streamlines and organizes even the smallest of details in such a way that planning the wedding becomes convenient and efficient. Use Shaadi-e-Khas and experience a hassle free wedding management. Make your D-day an ever cherished one.

​About Shaadi-e-khas-
Shaadi-e-Khas (http://www.shaadiekhas.com/is the most comprehensive online wedding management software. This software has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the end users who like to keep a firm hold on the reins when it comes to planning and organizing important events. It indulges your detail oriented side and helps you stay focused, on time, and most importantly within budget. The software comes packed with a personalized wedding website, and a customized management and organizing software. Combined, these capture all the treasured moments and the details of the important event.

Successes so far
Successes goes with our popularity and usage of our features by couples, the people associated with them and furthermore, therefore we are glad to share 

·         Online Invitations sent: 2,30,880 +
·         Wedding websites sold: 12,345+
·         Number of weddings:  21,544+
·         Vendors associated with us all around India: 8,346+
·         Blessings shared: 64,10,528+
·         Friends associated:  83,94, 989+ 
·         And growing.

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