Jul 27, 2015

Orientation is new chapter of students’ lives: Higher Education Minister UmaShankar Gupta

Bhopal, July 27: The orientation function would serve as a new chapter in the lives of the students. This function is like the tradition of Gurukul wherein students in addition to being educated are also informed about the future challenges and aspects of the career that they have chosen. The programme helps the students in learning from the experiences of the established professionals of the journalism, communication and information technology through interactions with them. These views were expressed by the Higher Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri UmaShankar Gupta while addressing the inaugural session of the three-day orientation function of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication in Bhopal on Monday, July 27. The function was inaugurated at New Market-based Samanvay Bhawan where the noted TV journalist, Shri Vinod Kapri and Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Brij Kishore Kuthiala was also present.

While addressing the function, the higher education minister further said that various sectors of the society are witnessing decline and the field of journalism is not an exception. The need today is to feel this deterioration and make efforts to prevent them. The haste for presenting news has today put a question mark on the credibility of journalism. Senior TV journalist and filmmaker, Vinod Kapri who was present as the keynote speaker, in his address, said that today, the field of journalism is full of hardships and challenges. The credibility of media is at stake and people are not relying on the stories presented through newspapers, television channels etc. He said that social media pose a huge threat to media and today celebrities and politicians do not feel the need of media. Under such a circumstance, he said it is important for the students that they come prepared to the industry, read well, improve their general awareness and develop the required skills instead of getting attracted by the glamour.

While presiding over the function, Vice-chancellor of the university, Prof. Brij Kishore Kuthiala said that today’s communication students would be tomorrow’s communication professionals. He said that technology has given us a system which has connected the entire world. As such, it is the today’s youth who will be the nation builders in the days to come. He exhorted the students to think of the kind of lives they want for themselves and accordingly opt for the resources to attain it. “There cannot be a better role model than Makhanlal Chaturvedi for any aspect of life”, the Vice-Chancellor said.

While speaking on the subject, ‘Future of television news’, senior journalist and Rajya Sabha TV anchor Sushri Rakhi Bakshi said in television, people want to become star overnight while the actual way to achieve popularity through is hard work. She said that in television journalism, today the need is to look for news lies beyond drawing room journalism, fast food journalism and Googalisation. The need is to get to the depth of the news stories. One should telecast news only after proper verification and authentication in TV journalism. She also said that there is plenty of opportunities for students in media especially girls.

In his address, senior journalist, Shri Ravi Mittal threw light on television journalism and social media and said that today Smartphone has made every person a journalist. While traditional media would present whatever they wanted, today with the help of social media one can share whatever one wants. He said that social media tools could be used as journalism tools today.

Speaking to the students on the subject, ‘New dimensions of PR’, CEO of PR and Solutions, Shri Pranav Pawar said that public relations has every element of journalism when it is practiced. It is very important to study the effect and feedback in PR. He said that a new field of digital PR has emerged today which offers big career opportunities to the students in this field. IT expert, Prof. CK Raju said it was not possible to differentiate between good and bad with the lack of knowledge. Today, we trust so much on the internet and its sources as a result of which at times we cannot reach the exact source of information and stay away from the actual information that we want. He termed the idea of borrowing science education from west as ‘wrong’ and said that there was a need to re-examine the western models of science. Talking about the future newspapers, executive editor of Punjab Kesri Group, Shri Aku Shrivastava said the newspapers would have to change according to the technology in the future as people would use newspapers according to their needs.

The second day of the function i.e. Tuesday would see the address of noted economist, Prof. Bhagwati Prasad Sharma, MD of Raunak Advertising, Shri Amardeep Singh Vig, IT expert, Shri Prashant Pol and Dr. Priyanka Jain who will speak on effective formula of communication.

Dr. Pavitra Shrivastava
Director, Public Relations

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