Sep 17, 2013

Badtameez Delhi Police

My frindz plz read a real story what i faced from delhi police.. i don't want to like and comment on the same... but if you really want to fight against the same so plz share it plz...

Dear sir/madam

This an information about one of you sub inspector of police station (hari nagar) west zone name surrender singh ahlawat, On 10th of august 2013 I I have reached at hari nagar depot in front of muthoot fincorp limited via tilak nagar somewhere around 6.20pm might be a group of police man was on routine inspection of the area when they were passing me a traffic police man asked me about my bike so I said yes this is my bike and he said I have punish you because your rear number plate is defected when I saw that I found that some sticker was peeled off and I don’t know how I requested him that I’ll make it done right now so he said I have to give you a Chelan some of rupees 100/- I said ok if you don’t trust on me so I am ready to get punished...

during that conversation one police man name rajender singh said no I will impound your vehicle I said if I am agree to get punished and I have all the documents with me so please don’t do it because I am doing a small field job and without bike I cannot survive in my company but he said my senior said the bike has to be impound when asked to his senior he didn’t say anything I requested end no. of times to them but they did not listen me.

When const. rejender singh moved from there with my bike I called 100 regarding the same they told me that we are forwarding your problem to the higher authorities after sometimes some policeman called me ask me to come at police booth of harinagar when I went there he said request to S.H.O. regarding the same I said I requested already.

So overall harassment nobody has helped me at the same time after that I went to police station harinagar and asked to release my bike so someone was on reception said you need to get the ACP permission to get your bike I said when I was whole the documents with me and if there was a traffic police man available with his Chelan book so why they people harassed me in the mean while the sub inspector Mr. surender singh ahlawat came and said that I get to know that you are the investigation officer appointed for me he asked me “what is my name” after hiding his name plate I said Mr. surrender so he said there is two surender which one you want then he asked to his colleges they people said today only you are posted here. And one of the police man said this the person who called on 100 so he started shout on me and said “hame teri bike lawaris padi mili hai or mai tujhe dikha sakta hu, waise dekhne ki authority nahi hai tujhe” I said I don’t want to see this but I have the proofs with me that your police man had took my bike in front of huge group of public and your police team.

So he was talking to me very rudely and talking to me about here and there I just asked two questions that when I was whole the documents with me why they didn’t check ??? and if there was a defect in the number plate so why they did not punished me ???

So he said “agar complaint karni hai to india mai mat kariyo.. obama k paas kariyo... waha hogi teri sunwai... nahi karte ham Chalan... hamari gundagardi hai..  hamari dadagiri hai... bas... mai surender singh ahlawat... ye baat bol raha hu... or tere paas to camera phone hai.. photo bhi lele meri”

After all this I moved from there because I felt if I stay some more time so he could beat me unnecessary. And one more bad thing happened with me I have lost my job just because of that harassment.

I just want to know…

1. Don’t we have the rites to present our problems ?

2. Don’t we have the rites to ask about the law and order ?

3. Don’t we have the rites to approach at PCR 100 ?

4. Only the policeman have the rites harass the people ?

5. Only the policeman have the rites to abuse the people ?

6. Only the policeman have the rights to break the own rules and regulations ?

7. How can we trust on police that they help us ?

8. Just because of lack of discipline the policeman harass, misbehave, abuse, insult the people.

Respected and ownarable all do something strict and strong against the same because public is very scare from police then criminals.

I have a video avidance regarding the same without knowing Mr. surrender singh ahlawat so I expect some help from you.

here is video link..


Deepak verma

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