Sep 13, 2013

Onam Festival - At “DAKSHIN CULTURE CURRY” : Forever Happening South Indian Restrobar

“Dakshin Culture Curry” the forever happening Restobar, at Shivaji Park offer you this season the ONAM SPECIAL MEALS [apart from Kerala (Non – veg) Chettinad (Tamil), Karnataka & Andhra meals.] Now the Mumbaikars can savour the traditional Malyalee delicacies from the God's Own Country-Kerala. The Onam meals will commence on Monday the 16th of Sept 2013 for Lunch & Dinner.

Significance of the festive is in its emotional strain that binds the Keralites world over. Onam is the harbinger of the food tiding. A time to bond with one's family, friends and celebrating cultural heritage. The feast coincides with the onset of Malyalee New Year. The food served during Onam celebrates the rich culinary culture of Kerala. The range is the gourmet's delight.

 Especially for all those busy, homesick Malyalees of Mumbai and the lovers of traditional Kerala cuisine can now find a place to enjoy & relish their traditional cuisines.  The popular saying 'Kanam vittum Onam unnanam' still holds true in modern times in God's own country. The translation for the non-keralite will be 'Onam must be celebrated lavishly, even at cost of one's material belongings.'   The Onam special meals include Veg delicacies presented by Master Chef Deepa Awchat like SAMBAR, RASSAM, THORAN, AVIAL, ERUSSERY, OLAN, KOORU  CURRY, ADA PRADHAMAN, PARUPPU PAYASAM, CHIPS, KERALA KELA, KERALA RICE, PAPAD etc

All these delicacies with Appam, Kal dosas, Paratha, Nei Choru, Biryani & other varieties of rice & desserts like SEMIYA PAYASSAM, ADA PRADHAMAN, etc.

To compliment the traditional Kerala flavours, we have the typical Kerala ambience which includes Banana Plaintain, Kathakali masks, the Kerala aroma, Kerala music-Panchavadyam, Chenda. The waiters clad in Veshti, Mundu & hostess in Kerala set sarees.                        

The feast of Onam Food Festival is expected to be attended by R Mohan (Good Knight Mohan), Sivamani, Viday Balan, Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan, Director Priyadarshan & Malyalee Superstar Mohanlal and who had very well appreciated during last festival.

The Onam meal, for all those price conscious Mumbaikars, is offered as an absolutely economical meal @ `399/- Inclusive of taxes. Dakshin Culture Curry is open for the common man at a tempting invitation price! So all you Malyalees & other South Indians can now feel at home at Dakshin Culture Curry Restobar and help us spread the distinct aroma of South Indian Peninsular cuisine & serve you the delicacies of your home town & thus satisfy your tastebuds. The typical Onam feast from 7 to 1 am is known as Onam Sadya, featuring vegetarian Kerala delicacies. This feast will be available during lunch     12 pm to 4 pm and Dinner 7 pm to 12 am.


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