Sep 3, 2013

There is lot of misinformation floating on internet...

Jagdish Singh : There is lot of misinformation floating on internet. Take 1 leaf of a particular plant daily & get cured of cancer & so on. Such people r very cunning & use terms from science, to make their claims realistic. We have to b very careful. Some times, following such trips may b life threatening too. One such claim was that of harmful effects of micro wave cooking.

Jagdish Singh : TOGETHER WE CAN----Dabholkar has been killed by inhuman, coward fundamentalists, who run their business establishment, exploiting gullible people, their blind faith, illiteracy, lack of scientific temperament & power of knowing what is good & what is not. However his death will not go waste. He was a true freedom fighter, fighting for freedom from mental exploitation of masses by cunning people, in the name of religion, cult, mantra, tantra, yantra, black magic, bhoot-pret & so on. We all can carry forward his mission. Individually, we may not succeed much. But we must continue to do whatever little we can. TOGETHER WE CAN.

Jagdish Singh : Finished reading of Gita. More or less, it's something like Upanishads only. I can call it the latest & best Upanishad, as it gives lot of importance to selfless " Karma ", though not denying achieving the goal of self realisation through other means like meditation, rituals etc. Let me make it clear that I found Upanishads, quite useless. The worst thing in Gita is self repeated proclamation by Krishna that he is the ultimate god. Time & again he says that one can realise his goal more easily, if devoted to him though, he doesn't rejects the existence of other gods/ goddesses. He appears to b propagating himself, time & again. But, if I have to choose between Vedas, Upanishads & Gita & I will keep the later. At the same time, I will firmly & vehemently reject parts of it, where Krishna repeatedly proclaims himself as supreme god & asks every body to peruse him for easiest self realisation. He does so time & again & that seems to b his primary motive. In fact all those self proclaimed gods like Vishnu, Shankar have done the same things. They resorted to similar tactics, like waging wars, killing people, deceit etc. to establish themselves as gods.

Jagdish Singh : A REAL BULL SHIT STORY-ABOUT ORIGIN OF KEDARNATH According to Hindu mythology, during the Mahabharatha war, the Pandavas killed their relatives; in order to absolve themselves of this sin, the Pandavas undertook a pilgrimage. But Lord Vishweshwara was away in Kailasa in the Himalayas. On learning this, the Pandavas left Kashi. They reached the Himalayas via Haridwar. They saw Lord Shankara from a distance. But Lord Shankara hid from them. Then Dharmaraj said: “Oh, Lord, You have hidden yourself from our sight because we have sinned. But, we will seek You out somehow. Only after we take your Darshan would our sins be washed away. This place, where You have hidden Yourself will be known as Guptkashi and become a famous shrine.”

From Guptakashi (Rudraprayag), the Pandavas went ahead till they reached Gaurikund in the Himalayas valleys. They wandered there in search of Lord Shankara. While doing so Nakul and Sahadev found a he-buffalo which was unique to look at.

Then Bheema went after the buffalo with his mace. The buffalo was clever and Bheema could not catch it. But Bheema managed to hit the buffalo with his mace. The buffalo had its face hidden in a crevice-in the earth. Bheema started to pull it by its tail. In this tug-of war, the face of the buffalo went straight to Nepal, leaving its hind part in Kedar. The face of the buffalo is Doleshwar Mahadev located in Sipatol, Bhaktapur, Nepal.[5][6][7]

On this hind part of Mahesha, a JyotirLinga appeared and Lord Shankara appeared from this light. By getting a Darshan of Lord Shankar, the pandavas were absolved of their sins. The Lord told the Pandavas, “From now on, I will remain here as a triangular shaped JyotirLinga. By taking a Darshan of Kedarnath, devotees would attain piety”. A traingular shaped rock is worshipped in Garbhagruha of the temple


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