Sep 10, 2013


Press Release

Once again the US is on the verge of attacking a sovereign nation on the of dubious & fraudulent evidence, which will only be an horrifying repeat of the lies of Iraq. The US is once again bypassing the UN & is in violation of all international structures & legal norms The world is yet to receive the report of the team of UN inspectors that are still determining the nature of the chemical weapons attack. Even prior to the UN report, the US led coalition that now only includes France, are determined to attack Syria. The Syrian Government has always called for a political solution to the civil war, but the fact lies that the US led western powers, as well as the Gulf monarchies have sabotaged every attempt at a political dialogue between the government & the rebels.

The other worrying factor is that the rebellion is dominated by the hardcore extremist Jabhat al Nusra, which is an al-Qaeda affiliate. Thus here we have the spectacle of the US & Western powers arming these very forces, which they lampoon as terrorists. Extremist ideologies such as these are a threat to the multi-cultural & secular character of Syria, where the religious & ethnic minorities live in peace. Also once again the battle to control the Oil & Gas resources of the region are evident, even as new & massive finds have been discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean. The control of the pipelines is a major & key factor as well.

The other US-Israeli objective is to destroy the "arch of the resistance', namely Syria, Iran, Lebanon & Palestine, after which Israel will not only dominate, but will also expand it's borders & be the sole hegemonic power in the region. The US military strike will certainly lead to a worsening regional conflagration, with strong possibilities of a world war. This is due to the simple fact that the major world powers have taken clear sides in the crisis. Russia & China stand in determined opposition to the US strike.

Moreover across the world & especially in the western capitals, the overwhelming majority of the people are opposed to the war on Syria. Once again we are witness to the fact that the people of the world are opposed to war & violence. This has already ensured that Britain was forced to withdraw from the US led war. Even the European Union has said that they all need to wait till the UN submits its final report. The Saudi-Qatar dominated Arab League, too has asked the US to seek clearance from the UN before proceeding with the strike.

But why is the same Obama now targeting another Arab country and willing to ignore the UN decision making process like his predecessor George Bush. Even his reason to attack is so similar to that of Bush. Bush lied to the world about presence of nuclear weapons in Iraq in spite of contrary reports from UN inspectors who went inside Iraq and IAEA. Now Obama wants to world to believe that Syrian government has used chemical weapons without waiting for confirmation from UN inspectors who have been sent to Syria. The Socialist Party appeals to the political and diplomatic agencies world over to ensure peace in violence ridden Syria with immediate effect.

Dr. Prem Singh
general secretary
Sandeep Pandey
vice president

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