Sep 3, 2013

Personal request to Our Honb'le Founder President Dr Ashok Chauhan sir

To:, Subject: Personal request to Our Honb'le Founder President sir. Respected Sir, First, I beg your pardon Sir to send this mail to directly to our Honb'le Founder President Sir. As you aware Sir last year somone send anonymous mail to Honb'le Founder President Sir regarding Amity Bus Service. In short Sir, I wisht to state following few lines for your consideration. Sir I am working here for last six years as a frontline soldier of our Amity. I was detailed to start Amity Bus Service in year 2009 without any guidelines , so I started as of my own but informing everything to my Director. There were no guidelines which i have broken.

I was dealing with lot of cash, if there was anything wrong in my intension I would have been ran away. During my service in Amity Bus Service there is not a single complain of any parent or any transporter. Sir I just wanted to request you that if there was any confusion it is just because of improper documentation due to lack of manpower. However I informed my Director time to time through mail ( I will send you copies of mail ).

I am again very very thankful to Honb'le Founder President Sir to help in in such difficult situation during investigation. Sir, Due to this anonymous mail against me I have lost my post, self respect, and my Two years increments. I was told by Mr. Pradeep that I will remain on my post and there will be nothing against me. But Sir My personal belongings like Laptop , chequebook, are still in possession of Mr. Rikhi.

Finally I request you sir to please help me regarding my due increments with arrears, my personal belongings and I want to agian serve Amity bus Service . For your consideration Sir. I again beg your pardon sir , as I am sending you this mail directly as I have requested too many times with my seniors regarding my personal belongings and increments.

Thanking you

yours truly

Akhil Khare


From: Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan []

Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2012 9:01 PM

To: Akhil Khare; pdbhargava Amity; Dr.(Mrs.) Balvinder Shukla; cmvasudeva Amity; KC Rikhi; skdoval Amity; Hukam singh; Pradeep kumar bhatia

September 17, 2012/1420 Hrs.

To        :           Mr. Akhil Khare      

Fm       :           Kewal Krishan

I refer to your  e-mail of 17th September 2012/11.21 AM, addressed to our Hon’ble Founder President.

As a very large number of e-mails are addressed to Founder President,  I screen  all such e-mails coming from outside  as well as from Amity and then see which e-mails can be forwarded to Founder President.

I am forwarding your e-mail to our Deputy Vice Chancellor -  Lt. Gern. P.D. Bhargava, with a request to look into the  matter as I feel that this matter should be tackled at his level.

Please feel free to contact Deputy Vice Chancellor, AUUP.

CC  (together with the received e-mail to):
Lt. Gen.P.D. Bhargava
Further CC (together with the received e-mail to):
Acting Vice Chancellor
Shri K.C. Rikhi
Shri C.M.  Vasudeva
Brig. S.K.  Doval
Mr. Hukam Singh
Mr. Pradeep Kumar


From: Akhil Khare []
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 2:43 PM
Cc: Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan
Subject: Request for my personal belongings ( from Mr. Rkhi Sir)

Respected Hon'ble Founder President Sir,

I am sending this mail to Honb'le Sir in connection with my personal belongings ( my pass books, cheque book my personal laptop) which was seized by Mr. Rikhi and Mr. Shishir. All my belongings are still in possession  and I need my pass book etc.

Now I request to supreme Authority to plz help me in this matter as no body is bothered about my problems . I have devoted all my physical and mental ability to start bus service but due to this  enquiry based on any anonymous mail I suffered a lot of harassment and i lost all my self respect . I have no words to explain.

 I also need my documentry records to avoid any problem in future and I assure you sir I have not done and will not do anything which can affect the image of our Amity .Respected sir, I request to kindly help me in this matter as I am in depression now.

Yours truly

Akhil Khare
Amity Bus Service

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