Sep 7, 2013

My Life is in Danger, Please save me.

I am a Physics teacher in Kimberley Boarding school. I am from Chinhat, Lucknow (U.P.). I am in this school since 05 August 2013. The administrator named Mr. Virendra Singh started harassing me a week after I joined this school.  I requested him many times to let me do my work. He called me 3-4 times in his room and wanted to dominate me.

At one stage I told even told him that if he didn’t want me to work here I would resign. He said that time: “No Mr Ravi you have to work here and do as I say.” Being a work oriented teacher I told him that I will work for the right things not for you. Since then he started troubling me and harassing me mentally. At the onset I complained to the Principal of the school and told him that the administrator was threatening me, but that complaint was verbal.

After few days I went for an outing on Sunday.  When I came back in the evening (after I was having Beer (Kingfisher Strong contains 8% alcohol content) in my room) he called me and started asking me questions. I answered all the questions. He asked me not to go to dining hall because I was drunk. I didn’t go to the dinning hall but after that he stared threatening me. I asked him who he was to teach me that how to live.

He said: “Mr Ravi I will bury you alive, you don’t know me I am from Army back ground.”

He said your parents will not come to know where their son is. You don’t know that I am having end number of big contacts. When you will be killed no one will come to know.’

That day he took me with him out of the school gate and he abused me and said that they had made an entry of my arrival into the school.

He said: “ If I will kill you here, no one will come to know where you are.All the security guards are under me and after killing you they will dispose of my body.”

Then I called Mr Abishek (Director of Kimberley the Boarding School) and I told him about the incident. Even Mr. Virendra Singh (administrator) called him and he made another story that I was drunk and I was misbehaving with him.

Why I will do that?

Next day morning I gave resignation letter to the principal, and I requested even the Director and Chairman of the school to let me go otherwise the administrator will kill me.

They made me understand that it was probably only a misunderstanding and said they will sort  out this matter. I took back my resignation back on the condition that Mr Virendra Singh would have no verbal conversation with me what so ever, neither on phone, nor face to face. Also that he would not come in my way. They accepted my requirements and they assure me that nothing would happen to me.

But again last night (03/September/2013) he called one secret meeting after dinner with some male staff teachers against me. Any how  I came to know about that he want all the teachers against me. I am afraid  he wants to kill me (accident or anything). He means to harm me physically and even mentally.

I am not having that much power that I can fight with him. He is Jatt Sikh of Haryana. Everyone knows him, even he is administrator who has any number of contacts. He wants to rule on us.

But I cannot work in such type of environment. Where he is disturbing me mentally every time.

Anything can happen to me at any time. I am not feeling safe. If anything happens to me anytime, even in the future, only Mr Virendra Singh (Present Administrator Kimberley the Boarding School) will be responsible for that.

He is harassing me in work place. I cannot work here anymore.

Please try to understand and let me go. I will be highly oblige to you.

Yours Truly

Ravi Shankar Mishra

Physics Facilitator

Kimberley The Boarding School

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