Sep 12, 2013

Indian achieves worldwide accolade as Diplomatic Courier and YPFP Recognize


September 10, 2013

Washington, DC

Indian achieves worldwide accolade as Diplomatic Courier and YPFP Recognize                              

Sujit on “99 Under 33”

Sujit S.Nair, FRSA is recognised for his efforts in promoting trade and relations between United Kingdom and India.

WASHINGTON, DC: It is a cherished moment of honour for India as an Indian has added another feather in her worldwide glory. The Washington DC based Diplomatic Courier and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy are pleased to announce that Sujit.S.Nair.,FRSA, Co founder/ Director of British South India Chamber of Commerce,has been recognized on the 2013 “99 Under 33,” an international list noting the most influential foreign policy leaders under the age of 33. He is the only Indian citizen to make the list. The complete list is available at:

The 99 Under 33 recognizes the distinctive impact each of the honorees has on his or her community today and their promise of potential as a leader in the future.This list uniquely offers insight into the creativity, determination, and passion of the diverse young people who are already tackling the world's critical global challenges. By design, this list is broad and diverse, which reflects the belief that foreign policy in the 21st century is made by leaders from all sectors.

“As an influencer, Sujit has been playing a major role in  promoting trade and investment between the UK and South India by taking the leadership role in holding regular Business Meets at the UK Parliament. Because of his efforts various stakeholders are aware of the enormous opportunities between the UK and India. These achievements have given him the opportunity to network with highly influential people from the British Government and the Indian Government so as to achieve the objectives of BSICC.,” said Philip Abraham, Vice Chair of British South India Chamber of Commerce

“Through British South India Chamber of Commerce, Sujit has been able to create regular dialogue between British and South Indian businesses interested in utilising British expertise and its world-class technology involvement in the Infrastructure, Waste Management, Education, Low Cost Housing in Urban and Villages, Power & Energy and IT Projects coming up in the South Indian states and also for Indian companies who want to tap opportunities in UK. . We are pleased to welcome Sujit into the ‘99 Under 33,’ and look forward to seeing him fuel India's future growth. ” said Ana C. Rold, Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic Courier.

The “99 Under 33”recognizes seven leadership archetypes that define the list:

    A Catalyst is from a field not typically associated with foreign policy who has had an impact on international affairs.
    A Convener brings people together in creative ways to address a pressing international issue or enhance the foreign policy community.
    An Influencer mobilizes people in the foreign policy community with bold new ideas.
    An Innovator designs a new solution to a critical global challenge.
    A Practitioner changes foreign policy from the inside through extraordinary professionalism and skill.
    A Risk-taker takes a chance and sees it pay off.
    A Shaper changes the public discourse on an aspect of foreign policy or raises awareness on a critical issue.

About Us: British South India Chamber of Commerce

British South India Chamber of Commerce (BSICC) promotes trade and investment between South India and the UK and provides a platform for companies and businessmen who wish to become part of the South India- U.K trade community. It helps UK firms do business in South India and South India firms to do business in UK.

About Us: The Diplomatic Courier is the global affairs magazine that connects the diplomatic and policy establishment to the next generation of leaders in diplomacy and foreign policy. The Diplomatic Courier publishes six print issues per year, as well as weekly online at www.diplomaticourier.comand a daily blog, On Point. The Diplomatic Courier is an independent publication both in its voice and its organization. Publishing opinions from all political spectrums, the Courier adheres to the ideals of freedom of expression, individualism, and fair and balanced journalism.


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