Sep 2, 2013

fraudulent activity in name of prakash jha productions in kolkata

dear sir, i  would like this to your kind notice that a person named prasenjit jha ( contact no. 8420821007 email id., who said he is the managing director of maurya tv kolkata and the family member of the prakash jha; made this false declaration of Mr prakash jha and the other celebrity guests including mr bachchan are coming to kolkata for the launch of maurya tv.

i have confirmed with the prakash jha productions(02266781862)   and they have confirmed that no such person is involved with this production activity and this person is a complete fraud. please see to it that if this fraud can be brought into the public eye to create awareness. I AM ATTACHING HIS PHOTO AND COPY OF THE POLICE COMPLAINT HEREIN.
thanking you.

bedika mishra

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