Sep 11, 2013

Khudai Khidmatgar Delegation demands immediate action on the Muzaffar Nagar Communal Violence

Khudai Khidmatgar Delegation met Chairman of National Commission for Minorities, NHRC and all major Political parties including BJP and demands them to co operate to bring normal condition in Muzaffar Nagar. The Delegation lead by Khudai Khidmatgar Secretary Inamul Hasan,Moulana Fateh Mohd, Mohd Faizan, Verma Ji and members of other Civil societies. While having discussion with Chairman of Minority commission Wajahat Habibullah said that, this is the worse condition that happened in Western Uttar Pradesh, we should demand all section of societies to maintain peace and perform  combined activities on communal harmony in the area, apart from that relief material should be distributed to the affected people as much as possible in sooner manner. The delegation met and submitted the memorandum that to all the major political Parties, the demand carries the following.

We are seeking your support and sudden action on the issue of ongoing Communal Violence in Muzaffar Nagar since last 15 days which is shameful and very dangerous for our country as well as for Democracy. We strongly feel that  political party is not machine for forming only the Government instead having more social responsibilities also, you are aware with entire situation that arises in Muzaffar Nagar more than us and know very well how to control it, we want your attention to put an end for the trend of migration in the affected areas which is same like Gujarat and recently in Assam and now at Uttar Pradesh also which is a black hole in the Indian History.  

To make appeal on maintaining peace and instruct your own Party local units to involve the peace activities, such as prayers, Positive discussion with both the Religious groups and to organise Rallies Including social organizations with them.

To send all party delegation especially where migrated people in camps are staying and make sure their return to their respective places with social assurance.

To demand the Uttar Pradesh State Government to involve in continuous action on maintaining Peace and concentrate on rehabilitation process in full swing by involving local administrations.

Since the Ruling of Samajwadi Party started in Uttar Pradesh it has resulted in wider range of Communal violence in various places and it is further flamed by some anti social elements in the state which is well known by the State ruling Government also,

We are requesting the state Government to act in emergence manner to bring the situation under control and to protect law and Order in the Society.

We believe this initiative has to be done by all of us to maintain Peace, Harmony and Democracy of our Country and our People.

Press Release

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