Sep 12, 2013

MARCH FOR JUSTICE : “Together We can”

Coming Sunday, 15th September, young women professionals,  housewives, young boys and girls from different walks of life are joining together in a SILENT MARCH FOR JUSTICE at New Delhi. These educated and sensitive individuals seek to draw attention to the generalised juvenile justice act that has lead to the punishment of mere 3 years for one of the Rapists in the most horrifying case of rape & murder of Nirbhaya in Dec, 2012

The MARCH FOR JUSTICE would be lead by a group of discerning women from Patna women’s college alumni, working and residing in New Delhi, supported by alumni of many other universities. Hence men and women who feel the same about this cause and want to be involved in this peaceful march would be there.

The Protest would be held on Jantar Mantar at 5 P.M on 15th September where the participants would be wearing black to mark their protest. According to one of the participants Vijaya Singh, “For, too long now, we lived a horrified or indifferent life, people have stood on the sidelines and chosen to contain our anguish.  If you feel the need for change, not just in the validity of our laws, but also in the hardened mind-set of people, then stand up for what you believe in - with so many others who believe the same. Because Together....We Can !!!!”

The slogan MARCH FOR PEACE has an underlying purpose to make a difference to the undergoing changes in the Juvenile Justice Act. Keeping this in view, another member of the same group in Patna has launched a “petition” to be signed by at least a 100 people to expedite this change in the Juvenile Justice Act which will be submitted to the law ministry.


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