Sep 2, 2013

Day and Night News Channel is still running

Sir, First of all I would like to tell you that there are rumours in the market that Day and Night News Channel has been shut down. The information is wrong. It's still running. They have only done the cost cutting. 65 people have been sacked by Kanwar Sandhu. There are still more than 100 people working with the channel. On which basis the cost cutting was done it's not known. 

It seems it was random because many people who were working good and very close to Kanwar Sandhu were also sacked. According to Mr. Sandhu it was managements decision. Mr. Sandhu's so called manangement was 'himself'. After Kanwar Sandhu's resignation. Jasleen Kaur Gill, face of the channel, Surinder Singh, Producer cum part of the inner circle of Kanwar Sandhu, Gurinder Singh Randhawa, Bureau Chief and parkash Chand, HR head also resigned. The reason behind the resignation was that they came to know that the command of the channel was going in Harpal Singh Arora's hand. Mr. Arora is the newsroom head. After that 10 resignations also came from technical staff, IT and promo dept.

Now, Kanwar Sandhu is coming up with a production house in collaboration with GPunjab, an NRI channel and the team constitutes of Surinder Singh, Jasleen Kaur, Gurinder Randhawa, and Prakash Chand. All have a meeting everyday at Sandhu's house. They discuss about day and night news. They get all the information regarding day to day happening of the channel from there sources. It's said that Kanwar Sandhu does not want to see Day and Night News to run anymore without him. It was visible in his last speech, "We are winding up. You people start looking for a job wherever you get. We are going to keep only a few people and those few people also look for a job beacause channel won't continue after 3-4 months."

But after that Mr. Kandhari delivered a speech to the channel not more than 3 minutes. He said channel will continue. Now, it was clear that It was a personal dispute between K. Sandhu and Mr. Kandhari. Before that it was Kanwar Sandhu's personal fight with Badals. But, Harpal Singh arora has called up round about 15-20 people back. They are working with the channel but not with the same spirit. 

Second News
Parvez Sandhu, sports correspondent has resigned and has joined Abp News, Punjabi as senior correspondent. He got the hike more than the double of his salary. He had joined Day and Night as a trainee and now got a jump as he was doing very well. He is considered one of the best correspondents of the channel but was paid even less than fifteen thousand. Now the question arises, if some other organization can value someone's talent to that extent, then why can't Day and Night News itself do.

There are so many people who work at less than labor's salary at Day and Night News. You will be surprised to know that among these are some anchors also. Even the make-up artists are better paid than those anchors. Video editors, library man, driver and some anchors are at par in terms of salary. Anchors are not just anchors, they are producers, reporters and many more work they do in a day. I don't want to disclose the name of them as there market value may go down. There were only three anchors who are capable of doing multi-lingual work. Two of them have resigned, one is still working but she is still not better paid. No credit is being given to the people who are working with high spirit.

But at the same time some are being paid more than a lakh. This is the irony of this channel that's why many good journalists left and some more resignations are supposed to come this week.


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