Nov 1, 2015

5 simple styling tips to make your child look modish!

By Ms. Mohita Indrayan Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer
612 League

 When Shivani’s daughter was 4 years old, she used to love wearing a bright-colored lehenga style skirt paired with a purple t-shirt with Mickey Mouse prints along with bangles. Did it match? No. Did she feel happy in her attire? Absolutely! She used to love sporting this look while going for walks with her mom. Her styling used to attract strange looks from the parents of kids in her age group, who probably thought that Shivani hardly paid attention to her daughter’s dressing style. When children are very young, they often have little opinion on what clothes they like. Sometimes they may have a favourite shirt or dress, but otherwise they wear whatever their parents buy them.  The question here arises, ‘How should I dress my child to make him/her look stylish?’ Well, simply follow the guidelines below and you will never go wrong!

1.       While buying clothes for your child, firstly, ask yourself if you would have wanted to wear a particular outfit as a kid. Styling is a sense that develops with age and as an adult you are better placed to understand it rather than leaving it to your kids. Do remember that having a stylish kid is more than just clothes; it is about the details like hair, attitude, hygiene, and so much more.

2.       Keep clothing age-appropriate. Your 5-year-old should not dress like a 15-year-old going to a college prom. Teach kids to avoid make-up and jewellery.

3.       Don’t force your child to wear an outfit that he/she doesn’t like. Your children should be able to wear something that they feel good in. This will give them the confidence to go out and mingle with other children.  Help your kids pick an outfit.

4.        When styling your children, focus on layers as they look great on kids, and can add dimension. Layering also helps when kids outgrow their clothes. For instance, a dress can also be layered with leggings and a cardigan, making it look like a tunic.

5.       When you find a style of clothing that suits their personality, stick with it. 

6.       Primary function of any clothing is to improve the comfort of the wearer and when it comes to kids clothing comfort becomes all the more important. While buying, make sure you choose clothes in which your child feels absolutely comfortable.

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